–                                                                    TRANSCRIPT

Good morning, Muslims of the world and everybody that lives on this planet earth. My name is Mahmoudu
Jimoh Adua Bello. I’m the firstborn of Shehu Ibraheema Maikano Bello Adua. The Chief Imam of ...Ajumoni
Central Mosque, number 51, Oshodi Road. I came here last month from Katsina, Gaura. I’m a Fulani by the
tribe. My mother is a Yoruba from Oshogbo. I am the assistant chief Imam of the Gaura Central Mosque. By
the grace of Allah, I will become the next Imam at the end of this Ramadan on the Sallah day. Now, this is my
testimony and my encounter I had with the Lord Jesus Christ. I never believed Jesus or Christians. I hate
Christians because I’ve been taught from childhood that the Christians change the Injil, which means the
Gospel of Jesus Christ. If they leave it the way it is, everybody would have been a Muslim. So for this purpose,
I hate Christians. I don’t kill them, but I have nothing to do with them. I used to buy Bibles from them; I will
confess that today before the man of God and tear-tear them. I used to buy plenty and tear them. It used to
pain me. Their matter used to pain me.

But until strangely, on Monday, about 3:45 am, I had an encounter with Jesus Christ. That was on the 23rd of
the Islamic calendar. Which, in the ...eh ...eh, white man calendar ...or how do I say it? Luna calendar is the 23
of the Ramadan, But the white man calendar is on the...by the grace of God ...on the 29th, sorry, on the 25th,
about 3:45 am, April 2019. I was praying to lead the people in the mosque. My uncle was present and the two
elders of the mosque and then seven other mosque members. That is Ajumoni Central Mosque in Oshodi
here, number 51, on the way going to the market, it’s the biggest mosque there, and just opposite... the one
opposite that, a Church called Methodist Church. They’re just the opposite. I was reading the first chapter of
our Quran, which is called Surah Al-Fatiha, meaning the opening chapter, or the mother of the Quran. It is
called the mother of the Quran because it summarizes the entire 6,666 verses. Muslims will bear me witness;
they understand what I am saying.

I got to verse 4 of the Quran, because [rak' ah?] is done in Arabic. When I call the [rak' ah?], that is the full
calling for the prayer, the first calling for the prayer, when I say, “Allahu akbar!” I was reading the first chapter.
When I got to verse 4, immediately I say...[Arabic] Everybody says, “Amin.” That is the normal way of prayer.
All of a sudden, a light from nowhere appeared. [Acts 9:3-4] It filled the whole mosque, and it’s brighter than
the sun. I’ve never seen such a light, but it’s not bringing the heat, but it’s brighter than the sun. It rather
brings cold. I feel cold and peace inside, but the mosque doesn’t have any air conditioning, it was just a fan,
and they’re not on. Amid that light, a man spoke to me, out of the light. He asked me in Arabic...[Arabic] which
means, he said I should come out of them. He speaks to me in Arabic; I’m the one translating it in English. But I
know the reason why maybe He speaks to me in Arabic because I understand Arabic than even the Fulani and
Hausa. I can teach the Arab man Arabic, those who are Muslims, they will understand by listening to my Arabic
language. And the person told me that I should come out of the Islamic religion, I should come out of them,
and I say, “Ah...who are you? All I know is this.”He says, no. I should come out of them. This is not the right
path. He wants to bring me to the faith, the straight path and save the soul from the condemnation. And I say,
no. That is Islam. I challenge the person. I told Him, Quran chapter 2, which is al-Baqarah, meaning the
chapter of the cow, verse 257 says that [Arabic] ...meaning the only faith that is accepted by Allah in heaven is

Then He says that is a lie that I blasphemed. He says that He is the way, the truth, and the life. [John 14:6] Ah
...And I say, ah ...that is not possible. You claim to be “Annabi Isa”, which means Jesus. If truly you are Jesus,
Jesus cannot be the way, and the truth and the life, Mohammed is the way. He says, no, that is a lie. I should
listen to him. The time has come. He wants to save me and use me as a platform of glory to deliver my Muslim
brothers from the darkness of Islam to the light of the Gospel. [2 Corinthians 4:4-6] And I say that is a lie. If
you are Jesus, I insist I want to see Him. I challenged Him. He says that I am not even worthy or qualified to see
Him, not to talk of hearing His voice. I say oh...but people saw you during your time according to my Quran,
chapter 19, verse 8 Suuratu Maryama, a chapter named after your mother. People saw you. Then He says,
no. That time, He was not glorified. Now, He is glorified. I cannot see Him. I’m not even worthy or qualified. I say
I am a righteous man. I fast every Monday and Thursday. I’m a Sunni Muslim. If you should know that, we are
divided into 73 sects as Muslims. We have the [Ahmadiyya] Muslims; we have the [Tijania?] Muslim, we have
the [Shia?] Muslim, we have the [Wahadya?], the [Murdariyah?], the [Qabariyya?], I named them. I am [Al
Sunnah?]. So I told him, I am righteous! We claim to be the most righteous persons among all these because
we are from the tribe of Saudi Arabia. He says, ah... that is nonsense. None of us is righteous. I said, O, I am
righteous! I fast every Monday and Thursday, and every month on the fourteenth day, the fifteenth day, and
sixteenth day, I fast! I never fornicate. My house, the women cover every part of their body, black black. They
do the hijab. I’ve never fornicated. I remove 15,000 from my salary and I give it to charity which is widow and
orphanage. I’m a righteous man! Then He said that that is not righteousness. He said, but He saw the sincerity
of my heart and I’m zealous, but not according to knowledge. [Romans 10:2]

I said, Oh, and then you’re not Jesus. If you’re [...] Isa, if you’re Jesus, you should know that I am
knowledgeable. Why do I say that? The argument was based on my Quran. Quran, chapter 19, Allah honored
the mother of this Jesus as a virtuous woman and a righteous man and named Quran chapter 19 after her,
Which is called, Suuratu Maryama, and verse 38 of it says that Jesus can heal the sick and raise the dead and
open the eyes of the blind, even take a lump of clay and mold it in the form of a dove and breathe into it and
became alive there and now fly away. That means Jesus gives life. So, I insist that, if truly He is Jesus, and He
claims [...] Jesus, then He should tell me what I used to tell the Almighty God when I’m praying as a Muslim,
every Muslim for that matter. Seven parts of their body touch the ground. Their hands, the tip of their nose,
the tip of their forehead, their knees and their toe. Quran says they will be a witness for you or against you on
the Day of Judgment. So I asked the person, there’s a “Dua”, which means a prayer I used to tell the almighty
Allah [unclear]. I never voiced it; I said it inside my heart. If truly you’re Jesus, Quran says you can know what’s
inside my heart, then tell me that thing that I’ve been telling Allah. I was amazed. I was flabbergasted. The
person told me all the things I’ve been saying to almighty Allah for the past 10 years. [John 2:24-25]. And this
is the same Quran thing Quran chapter four verse 80, that only the almighty Allah or God knows the secret
things of men’s hearts. So Jesus was able to tell me what was inside my heart. Please my Muslim brothers if I
want to be honest, should we now... we should disobey this Quran? Or we should obey it since you want to
obey the Quran at all costs, even to the point of death? This is Quran chapter 4 verse 84, says that only God
knows the secret things of men’s heart, but this Jesus told me what I was telling Allah, which I have never
voiced for the past 39 years. I say it always in my heart; He was able to tell me that. That is the quality of
Almighty God. I am sorry, eh ...I want to believe Jesus is God, but I still have my doubts.

[John 3:3] I ask Him, what did He want me to do? He says that except I am born again, I cannot see the
kingdom of God and I say that is nonsense. I am not stupid if you don’t know. I did my University in this
neighbor-country called, Ghana, Accra, That is their first president University Kwame Nkrumah Science and
Technology. I told the voice, I am well educated, both academically and islamically. I spent 15 years in Qatar to
study the Quran in what we call [Arabic] Quran that means the interpretation of the Quran and the
memorization. The Quran is 6,666 verses. I memorized it from Nas to Baqarah. The Muslims, you will
understand what I mean by Nas to Baqarah. For Christians, it means from the beginning of the Quran to the
end of the Quran, which in other words, the Christians call it, ...I don’t know. ...from Genesis to Revelation I
have it in my head, I don’t need to open it... at the age of 15. So, I told the voice, I am well educated. He said, I
am only zealous, but ...ah, not according to knowledge. He wants to bring me to the true knowledge that saves
the soul from condemnation. So, I say, how do you mean? He says I should find out from the Christians the
word born again. So, I say no. I’ve traveled. I’ve not seen a child going back to his mother’s womb, even a child
born now-now, so that is not possible, it's nonsense. He says, no. It’s not nonsense. I should listen to Him. I
should find out, but when my father asks the elder and his uncle who were present in the mosque if they saw a
light. Eh ...they say, well, they saw a light. They agree with that, but the problem is that ...their problem is that
they say they don’t hear any voice. So that means, this is a demon, it’s a [Dina?], which Muslims call demons,
[Dina?] Then that starts to pollute my mind because you know at the end of this Ramadan, Sallah day, I will be
ordained as a chief Imam of the [Aljura central mosque?] So I should forget the thing; it’s a disgrace, it’s a
shame. I say I hear. We went to the ...eh ...mosque yesterday, I was invited by ...the grace of ...Jesus...I will not
say the grace of Allah because I don’t believe that anymore, I will tell you why I came to this thing, though it’s
the testimony I’m saying, now I’m talking based on my faith.

I came to the mosque to lead them for prayer ...eh ...not far from a Church ...eh, very strange ...ah, after the
prayer ...oh, right in the mosque again, not in this, not in that mosque, In the Azuz mosque, which is just near
the timber woodier and the voice told me, no I should go upfront. I say, oh I’m going home. He said, no, I
should just go straight as if, ...and climb up, so I come up, I don’t see any Church. I say, “Ah... But there is no
Church here.” He says I should just go further. I’m seeing Churches sign-board, but it’s like nobody there, they’
re closed. I go further, then all of a sudden, I hear people ...eh, speaking some strange language. I don’t
understand. I was confused. He says, no my son, it’s not a strange language, don’t say anything, just enter
there and ask them that you want to become born again. I say, how? He says, they are my chosen people, but
they don’t know that because sometimes they’re wondering, ...ah, are we in the right place? Especially the
congregation. He says the reason why their blessings are delayed and their miracles - it’s not His servant, the
head pastor. The problem is the Church, the Church members; I should tell the congregation that their servant
is His chosen vessel. His servant is His chosen vessel for this generation. So, their problem is them, they’re
too familiar with His servant. They’ve become too familiar with him; I should tell them, they’re too used to him. I
should tell them it is high time for them to come out of the familiarity and honor His word and His teaching. If
they do, He will grant them the desires of their heart, and their blessings, which delay, shall never delay
anymore. Then He said I should enter there. But when I came, I didn’t bother to say all these things. I only
came and want to know “Born Again.” So, ah...because this one is looking like nonsense for that time. I came
and I met somebody, his servant told me and then I think he told someone to come and see me. Eh ...His
name is Godstime, and he said I should come out. So the man went and talk to me and he was so excited.
Then he said okay, his servant said I should sit at the corner somewhere and wait ...eh, let him round the
prayer, they were praying. I was still hearing that servant talking nonsense.

He was talking something nonsense, it’s not Nigerian language, because it’s not Yoruba, it’s not Hausa, it’s not
Fulani, eh ...it’s not Calabar, it’s not Igbo, so I was confused..What is wrong what..language are these people
speaking, are they not Nigerians? Inside my heart, so when he comes out, eh...he tells me that, ...no time, let’s
just pray, Jesus has saved you. He will do His work, my Lord will do His work, and I know He has saved you
even saved a man in Saudi Arabia when he was on a sickbed, having HIV. He’s a Sheikh, and all of us Muslims
know the meaning of Sheikh, final order, it’s the highest order in the Islamic realm and Jesus saved him. And I’
ve not got there yet, but ...next two years, I was about to attain to that position before Jesus appeared to me.
So, his servant prays with me, his servant don’t know me, but why did he tell me that Jesus has already done
his work? So I was confused, what is this man talking? Not knowing that he’s talking what Jesus is about to do...
because ...he already knows that ... Jesus already told him what He is about to do So, I went home. I was ...
was convinced, but at the same time, I was confused. I say that Jesus has already done it, He will do greater.
So in his prayer, he prays for me, I remember he made a statement that this Jesus is going to visit me. He will
fill me with His Spirit. So, all that is making no sense to me. I keep saying, “Amin, Amin”, so I went home. But
Jesus told me, the prayer of his servant never falls on the ground, only ...the problem is that people are too
familiar with him, that’s why He’s delaying. They should learn to honor him and stop looking at his outer
appearance and He will change their destiny if only they can believe. So I went home, my father was very
angry. While I was here, my father was even calling, saying that where am I? The people in the mosque
calling, I should forget Church and whatever and come back home! He wants to know where I am, he will send
the driver, but I cannot tell him. Eh ...Godstime was my witness, he was there. So, I say no, I cannot tell you
where I am, so I went home.

And ...He was very angry, I tell him, “Papa, I hear.” He said I should forget everything about this Jesus; he
doesn’t want to hear it anymore. Nothing of Jesus in this house anymore unless I’ll be digging my own grave. I
say, “Father, it hasn’t gotten to that, I hear you.” I went to sleep. Around 1 O’clock or 1:30 in this Ramadan, we’
re under [Arabic] which means the last 10 days of the Ramadan. All of us know that, according to the [Hadith]
volume 22, it is stated that we are looking for only one particular day in the Ramadan, and it’s not found ...you
cannot say you will wait until the last 10 days and fast. Allah says he will not accept it. You cannot also say that
you will wait until the 15th day and start fasting, he will not accept it. So he says, starts from the first day! This
means you have to fast all the 30 days or the 29 days, but Allah says that one day is found on the last 10
days before the 30 days, which we wake up every night, some wake up midnight, some 1:00, some 2:30, some
3:00. Maximum 3:00 to pray to Allah. Allah says when it is accepted; it’s like 85 years of worship. It’s called
[Arabic], which means the night of power, which means Allah says that you’re worshipping him for 85 years.

So, I Insist I want to see the person ...eh, again, he says that, “No, don’t worry my son, you don’t need to see
me again, but I will testify myself to your family, but they will still harden their hearts.”I say, ah ...I don’t
understand. He said, don’t worry. Well ...I told my father, I cannot lead this prayer. That was 1:30. I’m not
feeling well because when I want to go to the prayer, that Voice told me that, “No, my son, my servant has
already led you to me. You cannot serve two masters: for either you will hate the one, and love the other; or
else you will hold to the one, and despise the other. And I say ...oh, but eh...Allah also says in the Quran, ...I
told the voice that I’m too used to the Quran, I told Him that, but Allah says in the Quran 2, verse 27-28
[Arabic] That is, if there is no God, the next God is your parent! Allah says, never even say to them [peace]
neither to disobey them, so ...I’m sorry... I don’t understand what kind of God are you? Why you don’t want me
to obey my parents? He says because He is the true God of heaven and earth. My parents ...they don’t even
know me. My father only put that water inside my mother.

He asks me, did my father know how it germinates or grows? [John 1:2-3] I say no, He says, yes. Through Him,
all things were made. Without Him, Jesus, He says nothing was made. I should listen to Him. I should not go.
So, I told my father I’m not feeling well because I cannot tell him that directly that voice said I should not come
and pray, that one, he’ll cut my head, so I said, I’m not feeling well, He says, what is worrying me? I say my
stomach aches. He gives me medicine. He comes back the second part of a prayer, which was 3:15 am this
dawn, I still say I’m not feeling well, he says, okay rest. Then he comes this morning 5:45 am, I should go and
lead the Fajr prayer. All of us know that the Fajr prayer is the most important prayer of the 5 [led prayers], it’s
the first prayer in the morning, before any of the 5 [led prayers]. Allah says that when it is accepted, the
remaining four will be accepted. When it’s not accepted, the remaining four will not be accepted. And Allah
says that the hypocrites cannot pray that one, also, and the last one which is done by 7:15 am, Allah, says
hypocrites cannot also pray that one...as a Muslim, this is our belief system. So, not to pray it means I’m a
hypocrite. But I told my father, I’m sorry, I cannot lead this one, I’m not feeling well. He became very offended
this time. He says that he is not a small boy. He wants me to know that the English man says, “Show me who
your friends are, and I’ll tell you who you are.”He gives birth to me. If I’m sick, he knows. If I’m not sick, he
knows. He wants to tell me that I’m not sick. He knows when I’m sick last year, I used to lie down and still pray. I
don’t joke with prayer, because that is the instruction of Allah. If you’re sick and you cannot pray and you say
you cannot stand, Allah says, lie down. If you cannot lie down, Allah says, sit down. If you cannot sit down,
Allah says, people should still hold you and make you do actions of the prayer. No excuse for it. So, I told him,
papa, I’m not feeling well...I want to say, my Muslim brothers, let’s ask ourselves before I continue. Don’t you
think this is bondage? It’s like its bondage based on what I’m hearing from Jesus. If you’re sick The God of
heaven, According to the Quran, Allah says [...Arabic] Quran chapter 10 verse 4 Allah says again [Arabic] He
says that in the name of Allah, the most gracious, the most merciful. If truly that verse is real and he is
merciful, why is it that you’re sick and he’s still saying to pray?? The real God of heaven should not be wicked
like that. You’re sick; he should understand you’re not feeling well. This God also tells us that in Quran
chapter 8 verse 4, ... I’m saying these things to prove to my brothers that I’m not a madman, or I’m not stupid,
or maybe some Christians have tried to bribe me or give me some money Because that thing will be going
through all their mind. I know I was there before; this thing will be going to our mind.

No Christian or pastor from anywhere, ...all of you should know, that’s why I mention my father’s name,
Ibraheema, and all of you know him, Adua Bellow, the chief imam of Ajumoni central mosque. All of you know
him. He’s a car dealer, and he sells cars. He is also the president of the Sunni Muslims in West Africa. So I’m
not a poor man ...all of you should know that by now. I’m a chartered accountant. Now the truth of the matter is
that, you see, all of you know my father and some of you know me. All of you know I desire to go to [Aljana]
and this Aljana it cannot be found unless in this Jesus. I am sorry, why am I saying this? All in Quran... 2 verse
285 [Arabic] Allah says, all you who believe among the Muslims, believe in all the books and all the prophets;
that includes the Bible! So how why all out of a sudden, the same Allah will come and say the Bible is corrupt,
the Christian changed it, while the same Allah tells you in Quran chapter 2 verse 285, you should believe in all
the books. That includes the Injil, the good news! And Allah says that, believe also I Allah has sent 124,000
prophets on the planet earth and this is the belief of every Muslim that the Almighty Allah has sent 124,000
prophets on the planet earth. Allah says all of them have fallen short of his glory, except Jesus Christ, The son
of Mary! Fine, Allah did not say his son, it doesn’t matter, and he says the son of Maryama. But he says only
he is without sin. And now Allah says that Mohamed will intercede for us on the day judgment in the Hadith
volume 32 of Buhari.

Now, how is that possible, when Mohammed has sinned? Allah says it [Suuratu] with Maryama, verse 32 that
[Arabic] …Oh, Mohammed, ask me of forgiveness and I’ll forgive your present sins and future ones. That
means he has, but Allah forgives him. But this man Jesus, according to our Quran is without sin. So I think the
man without sin is worthy to intercede for us on the day of judgment for God‘s mercy than any other person. If
they give you a new set, my brother and an old set, I think you’ll take the new set. Not an old set. All of you
know that I am well educated in this our faith, my father sent me to Qatar, to study, from there to Saudi for one
year. I am sorry, I’m saying nothing but the truth because Allah told us in Quran chapter 10 verse 15 [Arabic]
accept the truth even if they are going to cut off your head. Allah also says again [Arabic] truth has come, and
falsehood by nature is bound to Perish. I am sorry, this is the truth. I’m not saying this to please anybody. I’m
not pleasing any Christian, neither any Muslim.

I want to please my Lord Jesus Christ who has visited me on Monday, who has saved my soul from the
condemnation of hellfire. I appreciate him. I’m so grateful for him saving me.... and this morning, as the story
continues my brother, I was put inside the room because the old man was angry. What happened was that this
morning when he persists that I have to go to the mosque, I said no, he said well he was going to take his
bath, that was about 4:45 AM, by the time he finishes, He wants to see me at the mosque otherwise he will
order Baba and the two macho boys to drag me to the mosque. I say, papa, it hasn’t gotten to that, I hear you,
he left, I was worried, I was really worried, then the next 30 minutes all of a sudden, that Voice told me, my son,
stand up from the bed. I say I don’t understand, he says I should stand up from the bed. I stand up from the
bed. Then the voice says I should say after him just like I’ve said after his servant yesterday who prayed for
me and who led me to him. I say I don’t understand, he says there is power in confession, I say, ah... I don’t
still understand you. He says yes my son, my servant didn’t want to take your time, he didn’t want to offend
your father, he’s a man of honor who respects parenthood but he would’ve told you that my words say that
with the heart, man believes unto righteousness, and with the mouth, confession is made unto salvation.
[Romans 10:9-10]. I say I don’t understand, he says yes, what you said yesterday you were saved through my
servant, it’s not your works. I say, ah…I don’t understand, just that word, only that I am saved? No! People
have to do the right things, they fast, they pray, they give [zadaka]. They run away from fornication. They don't
cheat, they don’t steal, they don’t [Arabic], and they have to do these good works to go to heaven, what do
you mean just saying that I’m saved?? [Ephesians 2:8-9; Colossians 2:13-14].

He says, “Yes My son, you don’t need good works, all you need is to confess me as your Lord and personal
savior. I took your sins and nailed them on the cross of Calvary that is where the Muslims get it all wrong. That’
s why your people get it all wrong. No one goes to heaven until he believes in the finished work of Jesus Christ
on this cross of Calvary, if not, forget it! It doesn’t matter who you are whether you’re a Muslim, a Buddha, or a
Hindu, or whoever you are. This is truth, the hard truth.” [John 1:12] I say I don’t understand, he says yes, now
I should say after him, “As many as received him, to them he gives the power to become sons of God, even
them that believe on his name. I say I don’t understand. He says I don’t need to understand, I should just say
after him, just as I said after his servant who led me to him. And I said it, one, two, and I stopped, he says no
my son, don’t stop saying it, keep saying it. I will make it become part of your spirit. I said how is that possible?
He said, yes, in Islam it’s not possible but in Christendom, in his kingdom, all things are possible to them that
believe; I should only believe. So I keep saying it, as many as received him, to them he gives the power to
become the sons of God, even them that believe on his name. When I get to the seventh time, my brothers
and sisters I don’t know what happened. Up till now, I am the one thing this thing is happening, but I’m not sure
if I’m going mad or if I’m normal, to be honest. I saw something like a flame of fire, all of a sudden, the ceiling,
and my room ceiling opened up like this… I’ve never seen anything like that [Acts 2:1-7]. And I saw something
like a flame of fire coming from the sky, coming right from heaven all over my body, Flames! Real fire! My
whole body starts burning, at the same time, it was something like an electric shock, I could not control it …I
could not withstand the presence of it. The thing threw me on the floor. I started rolling. I started rolling.
You’re not there, but those who were with me, they could see my [dalabia or clothes], and some parts are
dirty. I started rolling on the floor as if somebody was controlling me; somebody was forcing my mouth to
speak. The words started coming, I don’t know their meaning, and I cannot stop the words... [Speaks in
tongues – Acts 2:3-4]. Thank you, Lord Jesus. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Jesus. This thing keeps coming.
I cannot stop it. I feel like continuing, but I need to continue with my testimony. He said that no, I should not
stop, so my father told me I’m going mad. My mother started crying, and my sister, everybody was crying
because they said I was going mad. My father quickly ran out to go to a place called Yaba, at the Yaba
Psychiatric Hospital to bring a man called Dr. Joseph. When the man comes, he starts saying, he’s amazed,
and he’s amazed.

So my father became angry at him. I brought you here to check my son, and you’re happy that my son is mad.
Then the Doctor said, no, Imam, I am happy, yes but not necessarily because …I am happy your son is mad. I
am happy because you have been my friend for some time, last year I talked to you about this Jesus; I gave
you a Bible, and you threw it in my face and you even warned me never to try that again. Since then, I’ve been
praying for your family, I know that only Jesus can do it. Why I am laughing is because Jesus has done it,
Jesus has saved your family. My father says what nonsense are you saying, Dr. Joseph?
He says, oh Imam, your son is chosen by Jesus, and this is the Holy Ghost. My father says I can see you’re
also going mad like my son. I understand my father because according to his view, that is Quran chapter 14
verse 8, the Almighty Allah says that… I mean Mohammed [Arabic] Mohammed is their leader and he is the
Holy Spirit. That’s what the Quran says, Mohammed is the Holy Spirit. So, because of that, my father says that
the Holy Spirit cannot teach my son that Jesus is the son of God. Because Mohammed is the Holy Spirit and
Mohammed says God has no son that is Quran chapter 112, verses 1 to 5. Allah says to Mohammed …tell
them that I am Allah, the absolute the eternal [Arabic] ...and there is no one like me. [Arabic]
That is the meaning of what I’m saying in the English version, that means Allah doesn’t have a son, neither
does anybody helps him in his creation. But then before I go further, Jesus told me that this verse contradicts
itself in the Quran ...I say, ah, the Quran has no contradiction. He says I should open to Quran chapter 2, I
should open to verse 23 and I should compare it to this verse of Quran chapter 112, verse 1-5 where Allah
says he is Allah, He has no father, no mother, he born nobody and nobody born him, and no one helps him in
his creation. Then If this is true (what Allah says in Quran 112 verse 1-5, then why does it say in Quran
chapter 2 verse 23) [Arabic] the chapter of the cow, why did Allah say [Arabic] that “We” Created the seven
Heavens and the seven earths, we have given them two lips and two eyes. We spread the sky for them like a
canopy without a pillar, have they not considered this? [Genesis 1:26-28].

Now, the word used there is “WE” created the heavens and the earth. Jesus told me that this confirms the
Blessed Trinity. That means there are three persons in the creation. My brothers and sisters in Islam, you see
the Quran even confirms Jesus. Now Jesus told me again to open the Quran, chapter 8, verse 4. Allah says,
[Arabic] that Jesus Christ is the spoken word of God and the spirit of God! [Arabic] means the word of God
[Arabic] means the spirit of God! Jesus asked me, if I should separate your spirit from you, you’ll be a dead
man. If the spirit does leave the body and the soul, then they say the man is dead. They become an empty
container, they become useless, or a thing we throw in a place like a cemetery or a grave. Muslims will
understand this part, more than any Christian because us they tie-tie with these clothes I’m wearing with rope,
they just tie your legs and throw you in the 15 feet in the ground, Nothing like a coffin. Our own is terrible, so
for this purpose, it’s why we have to be careful how we need to follow Jesus Christ before it becomes too late. I’
m not insulting...anybody, discriminating nobody, but I’m saying the truth. My Muslim brothers, this is ...the
Quran it says Jesus is the spoken word of God, the spirit of God. [John 1:1]

All of you have the Quran, you can go and open your Quran and read it, so you’ll understand what I’m saying.
When we are praying, every Muslim knows this one ...for this one …every Muslim knows it. Immediately the
Imam says, “Allah, Akbar”, ...that’s the first ...whether Imam is leading you, whether you’re praying at your
home alone as a Muslim or your working place, when you say, “Allah Akbar’, that’s the first chapter you recite,
Every Muslim knows it because they make us learn it at the age of seven or eight. When we say, “Allah,
Akbar”, what do we say? We say, [Arabic] then we say, “Amin” [Arabic]. Muslims, pause for a moment, ask
yourself, why do we say [Arabic]? Quran chapter 1 verse 4, why? It means, show us the straightway. [Arabic]
Show me the straightway. That means ...Why do we keep repeating this, Jesus asks me. If truly the prophet
Muhammad [Arabic] knows the way, “Why did he keep asking Allah to show me the straightway?” This
particular verse, Quran chapter 1 verse 4 is repeated 27 times a day in the 5 led prayers, show me the
straightway. Show me the right way. It means you don’t know the way. [John 14:6]. Now I saw the man. He told
me, I am the Way, the truth, and the life, no man cometh to the Father except by me. I believe it! [Philippians 4:
7 + Colossians 3:15].
The kind of peace I’m having, my Muslim brothers, I’ve never felt it since I was born, it’s like somebody poured
chilled water within my heart. It’s like my burdens are taken away, I feel peace, it’s like they’ve given me the
whole world. Honestly, I see myself bigger than even…this man, the president of America ...Trump. I see
myself bigger than Trump. Excuse me, when you put Trump inside a room, Trump can’t come out without a
key, but me, Muslim brothers, I came out today without a key. I want to tell you how it happened. I was locked
in a room this morning when my father locked me in a room, he was angry about what Jesus said...  and He
sacked the doctor. Because the doctor told him...maybe he knows we’re Sunni Muslims and we don’t read the
Bible but that everything I’m saying the doctor Dr. Joseph, tells my father...that’s he’s catholic ...the things I’m
saying, they’re in the Bible.

So my father said, Dr. Joseph, you better stop, don’t make me angry. You are a doctor, if I may ask you, how
did you become a medical doctor? Dr. Joseph? Did you just sleep overnight and wake up and begin to know
all the doctoring inside your head? Or you went to medical school? The doctor tells my father, “Oh Imam, I
went to medical school. But Imam Ibraheema, the things of the Spirit is not like the physical. And my father
found out and said, forget that nonsense, my son we’re Sunni, we don’t touch bible, we don’t read the bible.
So how do you mean my son is saying the mysteries of the Bible? The doctor tells him, oh …Imam, I am a
Christian and a Catholic for that matter, and your son ...everything he’s saying is in the Bible. My father says
you know what? Just leave my house! He was angry; he sacked the doctor and locked me inside the room,
and told the gateman not to let me pass. I was worried. I start losing faith despite all that happened.

My prayer …I’m saying this for my Muslim brothers to understand. My prayer is that The Lord Jesus Christ who
appeared to me, that he would continue to appear to my Muslim brothers and sisters. I discovered that that is
the best way for them to remain. If a pastor preaches to them or somebody, if care is not taken, even if they
come out, they’ll start having doubts or maybe they may return. Why? Because of maybe the persecution and
of the difficulties. But If Jesus himself doesn’t appear to them, nothing will change my brother. It’s a powerful
thing! So I was worried, I started doubting why I am saying this …me myself I started doubting when my father
slapped me and locked me in a room, I started doubting, I started losing faith, but then all of a sudden that
Voice told me that, my son, don’t doubt, don’t think like that, I was amazed. What I was thinking in my heart was
that if my father comes, I will tell him to forgive me. My father is right, this is not God, and it’s a demon. So what
I was even thinking, this voice knew that. He tells me that my son, don’t think like that. I am the Holy Spirit; don’t
call me The Voice from today. I am the Holy Spirit. I am the third person of the Trinity in the Christendom. And I
said, ah ... but the person who appeared to me on Monday about 3:45am says he is Jesus. [Ezekiel 43:2;
Revelation 1:15]. He came in a very powerful light, and his voice was big, powerful, it’s like when you’re around
the Riverside, the sea, it’s coming like how the water is used to come. That’s how I’m hearing him, and then
why is yours a still small voice, and why are you saying you you’re the Holy Spirit? “He says yes, indeed Jesus
visited you in his glory on Friday ...sorry, on Monday, at about 3:45, but right now, Jesus is at the right hand of
the Father interceding for the believers [Romans 8:34]. I am the Holy Spirit. I’m the third person of the
Godhead, don’t be afraid. Don’t think like that. From today, if there’s anything to think of, my son, as a child of
God, think what is pure, think what is holy, think what is righteous, and think what is faithful, because, against
such my son, there is no law” [Galatians 5:22-23].
[Proverbs 23:7] As a man thinketh in his heart, my son, so is he. Don’t think negatively. It’s not part of my
kingdom. Fear is not part of my kingdom. Doubt is not part of my kingdom, it’s of Satan. Don’t doubt, I have
created the whole world, the whole world is my creation, but only the Christendom is my creation. I say, ah ...
how do you mean?

So you mean Muslims are not part of it? [1 Peter 2:9] He says yes, the Christendom are my royal priests, a
peculiar people, and a holy nation, I created them to reign in life as [kings?], but since they’re having a
problem, some of them, many of them are also not reigning. They believe me, but they see my Bible as a
storybook, some see it as a novel. Some even think that the miracles that are inside, when I was on earth, the
great Jesus was on earth they are not believing them again [Hebrews 4:12]. They don’t know my word is
powerful and sharper than any two-edged sword. They don’t know that. So..They’re full of fear and doubt.
Those kinds of Christians, my son I don’t want you to become like them. I call them lukewarm Christians
[Revelation 3:15-16]. And I say, what is lukewarm Christian? I don’t understand, Holy Spirit. He says, yes, they
believe me today, the next 5 minutes, they doubt, so that is why they’re not getting what they’re getting.
Because the Christians, my son are my royal priest. [Matthew 18:18-20] Whatever they decree on the earth
will be decreed in the heavens, what they loosen on the earth will be loosed in heavens. Why is it not
happening that way? Because they are doubters. [Matthew 15:8] They worship me, some of them with their
lips, but their hearts this far away from me, it’s not there, that is why my son. From today, believe, don’t be like
that only believe, my son. They that believe out of their bellies shall come out rivers of living water. [Revelation
3:7] Don’t ever doubt, no hold the door. I say, Oh… but the door is locked, he says hold it, I have the keys for
all the door, If I shut it, no man can open it and if I open it no man can shut it.

When I hold the door, it’s like somebody put a key in the room, the door was opened. I’m going mad my Muslim
brothers, I cannot believe this, but I was afraid because the security man was at the door. He says no, the man
cannot see me. I said oh… the man will see me, he’s there, and he has eyes and ears. Then the Holy Spirit
says, no my son, it’s high time for you to believe my word, it’s high time for you to honor my word.
Walkthrough, the man will not see you. I say the man will see me! [Mark4:12] “He says no, my son. They have
eyes but they cannot see, they have ears but they cannot hear. The god of this world has blinded their eyes;
let the light of the glory of the gospel of Jesus Christ, who is the image of God to shine onto them. They
cannot see, walk through the door! And I walked through the door, nobody said a word. I cannot believe this.

Then he said I should charter a Taxi for a place called Agege capital road. I said, oh, I don’t know anybody in
Agege in the first place, not to talk of capital road. He says I should just charter a taxi, the driver will know
there...When I get there, on the capital road, I should ask for a company. There’s a company there, it’s called
Habib Yogurt. I said, ah …I don’t understand, are you sending me to a Muslim? So many of my Muslim
brothers must know this place. Habib yogurt. I’m doing this for the whole world, you can go and verify. I say, oh
...but I don’t know Habib Yogurt. He said, yes, Habib is a Muslim, my son you’re right, but it’s called. They
named the yogurt after his name because he’s become so popular in that business; he’s a distributor of yogurt.

He has a company there, in that place, most people in Agege know him. Just at the capital, ask anybody, they’
ll show you there. Go there, when you get there, tell him he’s my son. His name is Habib. Go there my son, tell
him that people have been preaching to him concerning me for some time, his friends, his neighbors ...but he’
s rejecting it. He wants… Unless I heal him before he can believe them. He says that if what everybody is
saying its true then Jesus will heal him from that disease. Go there and tell him. …he doesn’t know you're a
Muslim like him and he will believe you. Give him all the passages of the Quran I showed you and after that tell
him that to confess me as Lord and personal savior. Lead him to me just like the pastor led you to me, And by
doing so tell him that he will be healed. I said, is this a joke? He said no, and I said OK no problem.

I went there, but he wasn’t around, I met the people working in the company. They said I should wait. They
have no problem because I’m a Muslim, I should wait. They called him, but he said he doesn’t know me, but
they say I have a serious message for him concerning his sickness. So when they mentioned the sickness to
him, he became amazed, he said how did this person know that I am sick? Anyway, he’s interested he’s
coming on his way. But later he said he couldn’t make it but his wife will come and meet me, Hajira will come
and meet me...[Hadira Khadijah?]. When she came, I sat down and explained everything to her, she was
amazed, and Jesus told me that His word has no barriers, it passes nations and cities, I shouldn’t worry, and I
should just help his wife...eh, to confess Jesus as her Lord and personal Savior. She was amazed, and she
confessed Jesus as her Lord and personal savior, and I said that she should call her husband, and she called
her husband on the phone, and he also confesses Jesus as his Lord and personal Savior. They said I should
not go, I should stay there... eh ...because when ...immediately he confessed Jesus as his Lord and personal
savior, instantly he says that he’s been going through pain, his leg was swollen ..and walking was difficult ...so
he is driven in a car to his door before he can enter his room. The car also has to come to pick him right there
to his office. So instantly he says that... immediately he says that he will call us back in 5 minutes. The
swollenness all disappeared, the healing was instant.

So he says I should stay at his house, he’s going to clothe me, feed me, shelter me, he’s going to give me
anything, he’s a billionaire. Immediately he said that all of a sudden, Jesus tells me I should him, does he think
the gift of God can be bought with his money? [Acts 8:9-25] I should tell him that The Gift of God cannot be
bought with money, it’s priceless. I should tell him that his motive for that one is not pure. He’s surprised by the
power in me, he wants to use me, he’s so happy to do things ... [Acts 26:17-18] I should tell him no, that it is
not the glory of God. It’s not for sale, the Work of God is not for sale, it’s to save souls from the darkness of
Islam to the light of the Gospel, and that is the purpose for which I am called, to become a Confirmer for the
Christendom, and for the Christians to know that what they have is more than diamonds.

What the Christians have is more than anything in this world, so they should hold it with all their two hands and
run with it without holding back. That’s my purpose and calling, and he brings me to his servant who will train
me. And I said, oh …I don’t know that your servant, I met him only yesterday when he directed me there, so he
cannot be my passbook and tell me. He says his servant is my father, I say no, my father is the imam, and his
servant cannot be my father. [1 Corinthians 4:15-16] He says, no I should listen to him, in his kingdom, there
are many instructors and many teachers, but not many fathers, and his servant is my spiritual father. I should
listen to him, the time has come, his servant will use me, because he is about to change that Church, he’s
about to put thousands of souls in that church so that the place even becomes small, and they have to buy
other new branches coming to open the financial doors for his servant, even though his servant is not telling
anybody but his servant is going through financial difficulties right now; but I should tell his servant that two
weeks from today, the disappointment, the failures, and the limitations are over because he has answered the
prayers of his servant, since the 31st of Passover last year, but I should tell his servant that He the Lord works
with time, and at the fullness of time, He makes all things beautiful in His own time. I should tell his servant, this
is the appointed time, and two weeks from now the glory of the latter house shall be greater than the former in
the life of his servant. I should tell his servant to arise and shine because His light has come and His glory is
written upon him. [Isaiah 60:1] I should tell his servant that nine gifts of the Holy Spirit are in his life, so I
became confused at that place.

I asked him, I’m getting confused Holy Spirit because He told me that He’s three personalities, God the Father,
God the Son, and the Holy Spirit [2Corinthians 13:14]. So when I woke up at night, I became confused, I don’t
understand. I say, Ah …but you told me you are three, he says, no my son... [Christians will not understand
me, but you Muslims will understand. We are very inquisitive; we want to find out everything...] So, I said, it’s
three, right? So how did it become nine? He said, no my son, I don’t teach you that part yet, [we are nine, don’t
worry] I am nine manifested gifts in the Holy Spirit, all is inside my servant, but some of them are not

[PERSONAL-COMMENTARY]: Romans 12; 1 Corinthians 12 – At first listen, it sounds like he’s saying there
are nine Holy Spirits manifested. That is contradictory to the words of scripture. It seems more likely that he’s
struggling for words to describe nine different spiritual gifts the Holy Spirit had given to the pastor being
referenced at minute 38:00 - 39:00. Spiritual gifts are abilities (sometimes, supernatural) the Holy Spirit gives
Christians for the benefit of the whole Church (Romans 12 + 1 Corinthians 12), and there are quite a number
of them. So it may be that, as is the case for many pastors and church leaders, this particular pastor was
blessed with nine of them. Plus, when the audio resumes at minute 39:43, it becomes clear that the context of
the statement was the spiritual gifts that were yet to be manifested in the life of the servant/pastor in question.
This is also more than likely the case because at least on three separate occasions in the recording, he
unabashedly makes it clear that God is three-in-one, God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit].

Now tell my servant that his prayer has been heard. It is appointed to him two weeks from today, he will see the
nine gifts of the Holy Spirit in its real manifestation. Tell my servant that as he’s ministering, I will cause the sick
to be healed, the blind eyes will open, and the deaf will hear, instant miracles shall take place. As I backed the
words of the disciples in the past, so I will back his words with signs and wonders. Tell my son that the time has
come, tell him only to prepare from the [ground] bottom of his heart. Tell him that that woman is his woman,
that wife is his wife, tell him that the relationship of marriage is like the [Tit and the Tom] And so many the
Muslims will be asking,sorry, the Christians, how is it that he can memorize all these things? Well, my Christian
brothers, you can find out from the Muslims, we’re not like you people. From childhood we have been [trained]
to memorize the entire Quran, so we can memorize things. But not only that, I think Jesus is now doing his own
thing. How can I explain to you what is happening to me? It’s like when a man takes black ink, or black Biro, the
ink, and then pours it on a white cloth, the way it sticks, everything I hear, that’s how it keeps sticking... I can’t
forget it a thing of it, but I understand something strange happened.

When the Voice told me to tell this to his servant, he told me... now... I should open my mouth right in front of
the Muslim brothers... I am...sorry, the Muslim woman. I say I don’t understand, he just opened my mouth wide.
When I opened my mouth, I saw a hand... [Isaiah 6:6-8; Revelation 1:12-16]Uh... that is why I want to talk to his
servant, at all cost, I have to call him. I need to talk to the pastor. I am normal? Is this a demon as my father is
saying? Am I normal? I’ve never seen such a hand, it’s sparkling like a diamond but at the same time it’s like a
flame of fire, then he stretched forth that hand and I saw that hand touch my mouth. The person tells me that I
have put my words in your spirit and my spirit in your mouth, from today, I have given you power over... the
powers of Islam, my son, and nothing shall by any means hurt you. I’ve given you the power to uproot and to
plant, and to destroy. You are my chosen prophet. I say, oh... I cannot be a prophet, the Quran says
Mohammed is the last prophet; Quran chapter 8 [verse 4], Mohammed says [Arabic]. He says forget that my
son, Mohammed is not the last prophet. [Ephesians 4:11-16] That is a lie, I am the Holy Spirit, and I still
choose who are the prophets, teachers, pastors, apostles, evangelists, and prophets for the perfecting of the
body of Christ. Don’t be afraid my son, the hour has come and the time. My body, Christendom is my chosen
people, but they have become too cold they are weak for me recently; I want to bring revival to the world
again. I want to show them the time has come, very soon the rapture will take place, don’t’ be afraid.

[1Thessalonians 4:16]I say, eh...what is the rapture? He says don’t worry my son, your spiritual father will tell
you what is the rapture. That is why I have chosen him as a father over you. You are only hearing my voice,
but my servant knows my way, he will tell you things, don’t be afraid. So, he says I should leave the person’s
house, they were not happy. I say, well I have to leave, but Jesus says no problem when the time has come,
he will bring me back. So He [Habib] says I should collect his number, Jesus says no, I should not collect his
number. I say, why? He says because your work with them is finished. I will tell you when you will connect with
them again. If you collect their number, your father will pursue you, and he will pursue them. He will find you.
Don’t do that, my son, just go, and go to my servant. The time has come.

[Romans 3:10-12] This is why I want my brothers in Islam to understand that no matter how righteous you
are... you should know I’m a Sunni, and all of you know what it means to be Sunni. No matter how holy you are,
all of my family, my household, my in-laws, everybody knows me... the woman I’m betrothed... not married yet,
but they all know me, I live a holy life. She used to ask me if you’re listening to me Mariama...ah,…tell me the
truth, ...Mahmoudu, are you alright? Are you gay? Or are you ….Your thing, is it working? I told her my Thing
is working, I’m just waiting for the right time. Why? Because Allah says in Quran chapter 12, verse 15?
[Arabic]. Don’t even come closer to that thing; Allah says, indeed, it’s a dirty thing.

It’s the worst sin another point is that.... when they judge people on the day of judgment, people in [Gehenna?]
the hellfire, Quran says armed robbers are there, 419 are there, thieves are there, eh... all kinds of evil are
there when God punishes them, they’re in the hellfire, But the Quran says that all those kinds of criminals,
armed robbers, thieves, 419, murderers, ritual killers - they’ll be begging Allah to take away the fornicators
outside! Could you imagine? So it’s a serious thing! This means the Quran says that some water is coming out
of their private parts, which used to pollute the whole environment of hell, it so smells. Quran says that.

To the point, they are begging Allah to take them outside! They’re all criminals, as criminals in the... eh... Kiri
Kiri, are begging the officers, take these other parts of criminals outside. Deliver them! This shows the
seriousness of fornication. So I used to tell her I cannot afford to do that. So, my Muslim brothers, you can see
that only Jesus is the cure. I have peace, which I’ve never found in Islam. We say Islam is peace but we’ve
never found peace, but now I’m having peace. I thank Jesus Christ who has delivered me, and I thank... Jesus
told me that the time has come and hour, he says that I should let my Muslim brothers know based on Quran
chapter 15, and Quran chapter 14, and Quran chapter 8 and even Quran chapter 3, all these four chapters,
Allah mentions in each of them... [Arabic].

That all you who believe among the Muslim men and the Muslim women, surely the people of Israel have not
differed from the truth until the clear proof has come to them that they have changed the books which I’ve sent
to them, which is the Injil, the good news and the Torah which is the Torah. Therefore Allah says that,
wherever you find them, pursue them, kill them, for surely [Arabic] will grant you 70,000 [prestigious] virgins in
Al Jannah, in heaven, and even if you should die in the course of the process which is the Muslim holy war,
Allah says, you will surely be in heaven. And when I tell this to his servant, his servant told me, oh, God is too
much, I have been praying sometime ago. I told God that delivers that... the governor of Kaduna, I don’t want
to mention the name for security purposes, he knows me very well. I don’t want to have a problem with him, but
this is what his servant told me, that they had been praying, and God showed me a vision praying for that
man, and that means that it is amazing.

And Jesus also confirmed to me that... eh...The prayer of the Christian, that is the reason why he appeared to
me, not because of my prayers or my fasting or my righteousness. It’s the prayers of the Christians. Only their
prayers are what are answered. No prayer is answered, Jesus said, unless it is said in the name of Jesus with
a sincere heart.

My Muslim brothers, why do we kill human beings? Imagine God who created human beings now will command
us to kill human beings again?!? And in that process you will go to heaven? This has developed every hatred
for every heart of Muslims to hate the Christians, no matter how they present the love to them or chat with
them. In their heart, they still don’t love them. I beg of you, in the name Jesus, my Muslim brothers and sisters,
I want the salvation of your souls, I know what all of you desire, you fast for 30 good days, every day, 30 good
days, you wake up 3 o’clock to eat something and continue like that till the following evening, 7 o’clock and
break. The following day, again the same thing [Colossians 1:13]. All this effort, I’m sorry to say this, but you
will be disappointed on the Day of Judgment if you don’t have the Lord Jesus Christ, all these things will be in
vain. I pray to my father Jesus Christ to save all of you and to deliver you from the darkness of Islam.

Today news – An edited transcript of the Muslim Imam’s Testimony series®