Revelation Of The Lord God Almighty


January, 1992

To: Church & Ministers  * Rapture * The Occult  * U.S.A. * The Antichrist * Syria  * Corporations * Europe * Asia/Orient  * Japan * Former Soviet Union *  Israel.

To:  Ministers of the gospel, Churches, Rabbis, Synagogues,
Believers and All Who Seek The Lord Almighty
(Ezekiel 3:17–21; 14:12-20)


The word of The Lord came to me saying, "speak and write unto My church and to the ministers of My Word all that I command thee that they may learn and that they may speak to their members about these things." To the ministers The Lord said, "let My Word that I have spoken to you by My servant be precious in thy sight and in thy heart."

*Churches & Ministers
Thus saith The Lord of Hosts; "The evil of a nation shall consume her like gas kindles a fire.  My servants cry continually in the ears of this nation if per-adventure she will hear and turn from her evil ways and be saved from the wrath that shall come upon her because of her abomination against Me.  A nation and people who speak of Me with their mouth, but in their heart is wickedness against Me, and with their bodies they defile and commit abomination before Me.  Woe unto those ministers and prophets who preach and prophesy peace and prosperity, and deceive many when evil abound.  My wrath shall come upon any man or woman who deceive My flock for his or her selfish purposes.  For all they have built and gathered for themselves according to the pleasures and desires of their own hearts, shall be a burden upon them," saith The Lord of Hosts.

In a vision, I saw The Spirit of God depart from many churches, this was followed by diminishing membership.  And I saw pastors and ministers of these churches living in sin and condoning sin.  They behave themselves uncomely, and lure their members into sin of fornication, adultery and abomination before The Lord.  And I saw these pastors and ministers become very handicapped to preach against sin and abomination in their congregations.  They become deceitful and money minded.  And The Lord said, "I will require My flock in the hands of all such ministers and pastors who scatter My sheep by their behavior."

In another vision, The Lord showed me  a missionary working in an African nation, he was standing miles away from the people he was supposed to be ministering unto, and was trying to give food and medication to them from afar off but could not reach them because he stood too far away from them so he wouldn't touch them. His workers also in the same manner, were all lined up right behind him as they hid in a corner behind a building. They were avoiding those Africans because they were sick, wretched, and malnourished.  And The Lord said, "most who call themselves missionaries have no heart nor love for the people they claim to minister unto; neither do they serve Me. They serve only money and their belly; surely those people they see as sick, wretched, malnourished, poor Africans are accepted before Me more than all those missionaries who deceive themselves; who call themselves My servants," saith The Lord of Hosts.

The word of The Lord also came to me saying to His faithful servants; "do not be afraid to pray for those
infected with Aids (acquired immune deficiency syndrome) who come to you seeking healing.  Do not pass judgment on them, and do not be afraid for I The Lord will have mercy on the innocent.  But for those whose sufferings are due to the consequences of their sins, and the recompense for their abomination and their rebellion against Me; to whom I will have compassion, I will have compassion. But to whom I will not, I will not,"
saith The Lord of Hosts.

*The Occult

In another vision, The Lord showed me a woman as she was lured into an inner chamber of a cult, tricked by a trusted friend.  And I saw them offer her a seat that was actually a basin of a very thick, full strength, super adhesive.  Unsuspectingly, she sat on it and was inseparably glued onto the seat. She tried to get away as the satanic high priest advanced towards her in his satanic costume, and with symbolic instruments of the satanic craft in his hands, to initiate her. But it was impossible for her to free herself from the seat doped with adhesive. She must be initiated or be sacrificed.  She had no way out but to succumb to their demands. And The Lord said, "this is a warning to every believer.  Beware of unregenerated friends' invitations to occult places in disguise. Be wise! Be prudent!" saith The Lord.

*The Rapture
The word of The Lord came to me saying; "warn my people about the pagan holidays. On December 25th, a day many have chosen to remember the birth of Jesus Christ, is a day that The Lord has created, therefore only The Lord God must be glorified, and nothing else.  Let not your lusts and desires for material things cause you to stumble and fall.  Beware that ye do not as the heathens do, on that day. The pagans seek not after Me but after the things of the flesh," saith The Lord.  And I saw many who call themselves Christians as they were very busy pursuing the wealth of this world, and most ministers very busy building and serving the desires of their own heart. These were taken unawares by the Rapture and they were left behind. And The Lord said; "these people are drawn away by their own lusts and impatience. Therefore be ye warned, beware of the snares of the devil," saith The Lord of Hosts.

*The Antichrist

In a vision, The Lord showed me the antichrist's network all over the world in progress. And I saw his agents being dispatched into every walk of life; a lot of women were turned devilish, and were used as instrument of destruction by the antichrist in corporations of all sizes around the world, both big and small and in families. And I saw a very large computerized information system controlled by the antichrist and his agents, and they had access to information about everyone and about everything in the world. And I saw his agents serving as hostesses and employees in airplanes, hotels and in every vocation as they were used to kill and to destroy families and anyone who is not of their fold, and those who had not the seal of the antichrist; these were sorted out and then destroyed in various ways. And I saw his agents receive instant information through their sophisticated computerized systems about people to be eliminated. It would be like walking into a trap in planes, offices, hotels, etc.; these killer agents will be right there in disguised outfits and positions, and shall eliminate people as instructed in various ways. And I saw government agents all over the world bought over as they were used by the antichrist. And I saw mass finger printing of people by force and at will, used for the purpose of identifying their own and others, and for tracking down people. It will be like webs catching flies everywhere; they will talk to each other with their eyes and by other complex signs. And I saw Israel become a major target of the antichrist because of her heritage. And I saw the antichrist cast an evil eye on Israel, but he will not unfold his treachery and evil plot on Israel until after a period of false friendship with Israel.

And I saw the mark and the seal of the throne of the antichrist in Europe.  The seal looked very strange,
complex, and devilish. And the voice of The Lord said; "The Spanish Prince and the Prince of Belgium all have the seal of the antichrist, and they will work together mischievously as best friends and allies," saith The Lord.  And I saw a strong tie between the orient, Europe and the antichrist.  This strong tie is of a devilish nature: idolatry, occultism, and satanic worship.

The word of The Lord also came to me saying; "The Roman Catholic Church will be a great working instrument of the antichrist. The antichrist will manipulate and will use the entire church through the Pope, and will use those Catholic Priests who are not spiritually transformed, who believe and trust in the Pope instead of The Lord God Almighty, to accomplish his goals.  And to the faithful Roman Catholic priests The Lord said; "seek Me earnestly, and personally, and I will show you My perfect word and My perfect will, that ye may teach others My perfect word and the truth without compromise."

And The Lord said, "the antichrist will fit perfectly into the mold of the worldly system. He will give the world what they want to have, tell them what they will like to hear and allow them the type of freedom they will like to enjoy - sin and abomination before The Lord God Almighty.  There will be increased and widespread idolatry and satanism all over the world. He will deceive many and a great multitude will follow him. Even many who call Me Lord, Lord, today will be deceived because of their own lusts.  Take heed that ye be not deceived for the false prophets and agents of the antichrist are now gathering followers for their master," saith The Lord.  And I saw seven-year old children and those younger as they were made to have sex with matured adults as a norm.  And I saw the teaching of heresy and satanism to children in daycare centers and kindergarten as a starting point.

*Corporate World

In a vision, The Lord showed me the corporate world and  businesses as they were involved in occult and satanic worship and rituals, and I saw them en-shrine their products and their monies in the occult. And I saw the monies they pay to workers and the goods they sell work like magnets drawing each other. The products drawing the monies and thereby causing a great urge in people to buy and buy themselves into debt. And I saw the corporate world leaders sitting around a gigantic conference table holding a meeting.  As I watched, they all suddenly turned into dead rotten corpses. And The Lord said; "on the outside and in the eyes of men, these are rich, famous and well dressed in suits, but before Me, they are dead and rotten corpses."

In a vision, The Lord showed me widespread of Christianity in China, and I saw Chinese Christians preaching and praising The Lord on the streets in groups.  And I also saw adamant angry idol worshippers in China victimize and kill the Christians secretly for fear that their idol worshipping heritage would diminish. These evil acts will be promulgated and fueled by idol worshippers in authority in China. And I saw massive deaths and burials of people killed violently, and of those who were overcome by their evil works.  Pray for the Christians in China!

"And The Lord said, "Japan will try to lead other oriental countries in an economic community effort, but this will end up in a bitter quarrel as Japan will become very authoritative and dominative.  But China will react angrily in resentment toward Japan for having the upper hand, and for dictating to smaller neighbouring countries in the community.  China will compete with Japan on a very high level economically and militarily, and will declare war on Japan,"
saith The Lord.       

*Europe/United States/Japan/Syria
In a vision, The Lord showed me a great army in the United Europe equipped with all kinds of sophisticated weapons and war machines.  And I saw Europe build a great army and waxed strong.  And I saw a great multitude of people that cannot be numbered following and cheering them.  And I saw Europe over-rule the decisions of the United Nations and use their army to dominate and oppress instead of bringing peace.  And I saw Europe influence and subject smaller and weaker nations to go along with decisions that are against their will.  It will be a devilish organization and will work so.   And I saw two opposing powers, the  E.E.C. (European Economic Community) and the U.N. (United Nations); the latter will also represent all non E.E.C. member nations as devoted participants, and the E.E.C. countries  as reluctant participants in the United Nations.  The E.E.C.  will over-ride the decisions of the United Nations and will act on its own decisions.  The United Nations  will finally crumble, and will be forced to take on a new structure but will play a less powerful role in world affairs.  The E.E.C. will make allies out of smaller and less powerful nations for trade purposes and for economic profit.  It will be a refined and modernized form of colonialism, saith The Lord of Host.

And The Lord said, "Syria will join them at the time when military will became the methodological system. In every family there will be death, murder, and dispute.  Widespread agony and suffering will be the order of the day.  It will feel like being in slavery with no hope of freedom in sight." saith The Lord.

The word of The Lord also came to me saying, "because of the things I am yet to accomplish around the world that will involve America, I will allow another period of prosperity in the United States after which there will be a complete breakdown in American system.  This breakdown will be so severe that the United States will have no say in what other nations do, and would feel like an outcast among the so called super powers of the world system.  Nothing America would say will bear any weight, and the prosperous nations would not seek nor have regard for America's opinion.  The European Economic Community (E.E.C.) shall wax strong and America would try to rally together non E.E.C. nations as allies of her own, but this attempt will crumble as well.  For the European Economic Community shall wax stronger. ALL THESE THINGS SHALL COME UPON AMERICA BECAUSE OF HER ABOMINATION BEFORE ME, AND FOR DEVIATING FROM THE PATH AND COVENANT OF HER FOUNDING FATHERS," saith The Lord of Hosts.

Again, the word of The Lord came to me saying; "Japan would be a favored nation in the European Economic Community because of her economic and technological success, but she will become very arrogant and adamant in her interests and ideologies.  Japan will dictate to the United States what their relationship must be, with Japan in control. The United States will in the future rely completely on Europe and on the Orient, especially on Japan and China for her economic sustenance.  America will suffer complete breakdown in her economic system which will render her powerless.  The United States will be like a loose leaf that will be hanging out and will be forced to hang around.  The European leaders will cast an evil eye on the United States and will want the U.S. to become a less powerful ally of the E.E.C., and not as a leader, and to play a less powerful role in world affairs.  The U.S. will be forced to compromise the more in many ways, and  will abandon her religious, political, and philosophical beliefs. The U.S. will compromise in her desperation to gain the acceptance and the favor of the European leaders.  I THE LORD WILL ALLOW THESE THINGS AND MORE TO COME UPON THE UNITED STATES
saith The Lord of Hosts.

*Former Soviet Union

In a vision The Lord showed me where the late Lenin of the former Soviet Union came back to Life and was riding on the streets of Moscow in a royal carriage.  And The Lord said, "Leninism will come back in the former Soviet Union, and there will be dictatorship, oppression of people, and suffering like in the days of Lenin."  And I saw Boris Yeltsin and his closest aides sitting in the back seats of a car, the car was clean and neat on the outside, but there was no driver, neither was there any passenger in the front seat, nor were there seats in the front row of the car, because the front seats had been uprooted, and there was a large open space left in the front seat area filled with all kinds of trash and garbage.  And I saw the car come to a complete stop, with Yeltsin and his aides hopelessly  seated in the back seats, and their feet deeply planted inside the trash. And The Lord said, "the car that was clean and neat on the outside was the former Soviet Union, and that Mikhail Gorbachev was the driver, his aides were the passengers in the front row,  but Yeltsin uprooted them, and I The Lord spared Gorbachev's life for letting Soviet Jews go home to the land of their fathers. But Yeltsin presents himself to the world as a good man, and speaks nice things to their ears, telling them what they like to hear.  But the inside of him and his government is filled with treachery, mischief and deceit.  And he will surely come to a complete stop, and his successors in due time, will change the name: Commonwealth of the New Russian Republics with a new name," saith The Lord of Hosts.                                                                      

And I saw strong adherents of communism in the former Soviet Union plot against Boris Yeltsin.  And the Lord said, "Yeltsin's regime will be destroyed by his arrogance,  power drunkenness, taking of the glory due to God for himself, and the attribution of what happened in the Soviet Union to his efforts.  For I The Lord heard the cry of my people who called upon Me day and night; for their sakes and for My name's sake, I The Lord have allowed a period of freedom, deliverance and salvation for My people and for all who will seek Me.  But Yeltsin will glorify himself instead of the Almighty God, and I The Lord will pull him down in the fullness of his ego," saith the Lord of Hosts.

And The Lord said,  "Israel must not bow down to her enemies who wants nothing but to destroy her, nor forsake her God, I AM.  All those people and nations who bear animosity against Israel; all those people and nations who pass judgment on Israel; all those people and nations who seek to destroy Israel; Is not the judgment of Israel in the hands of The Lord her God?  Is not Israel a nation established by God?  Is not the foundation of Israel laid by God?  Is not Israel the begotten of God? Beware that ye pass not judgment against Israel, for the righteousness and judgment of Israel is in My hands, saith the Lord.  All those people and nations who plot and work mischief against Israel; do they not do so to their own detriment?  Surely, they will suffer the consequences of their mischief against Israel," saith The Lord of Hosts.

And The Lord said "let every minister who reads and hears these words speak to the congregation, and every man and woman, young and old to his or her relatives, friends and neighbors.  All that have gone astray, turn away from your evil and sinful ways, and seek The Lord God Almighty with all your heart that ye may find grace and solace in the hard and evil days to come."

He that has ear to hear let him hear, these are the words and the revelations of The Lord God Almighty by His prophet.

Dr. Deborah Flint


My Commission:
…….Then The Lord said unto me His servant, “follow after Jeremiah, you are like the Hebrew; for thou shall go to all that I shall send thee, and whatsoever I command thee thou shall speak and shall write. And it shall be a blessing and deliverance to all who will hearken and obey, and a judgment to all who will not hearken and obey. Do not be afraid of them or their faces, neither be ye discouraged nor be intimidated by the words or the reaction of some; for ‘I AM’ have sent thee, and I am with thee to deliver thee. I have anointed you a prophet for My people and for the nations. My presence shall be with thee to deliver My Word with signs, miracles, and wonders of the ancient of days … and I am thy witness.”

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