"Where There Is No Vision The People Perish" Proverbs 29:18
May, 1989       

TO:  Ministers, Rabbis, & Believers  
Revelation of God Almighty

*Israel And The Middle-East Nations,
And The World.

In a vision, The Lord showed me a dangerous plot to launch a sudden attack on Israel.  The goal would be to
take Jerusalem.  According to the revelation of The Lord, the battle between Israel and the invading army would
be fierce and Israel would be fighting with her last breath and strength to stop the enemy.  And I saw the
invading army come very close to Jerusalem, and were still pushing harder than ever in a fierce battle to take
Jerusalem.  Israel was under enormous pressure from the invading army.  And I saw everything look so
hopeless for Israel because of the nature of this sudden attack.  Israel was fighting to finish with her last breath
and strength, and sustained too many casualties.  This is the revelation of The Lord.

I inquired of The Lord regarding the nation or nations that  will be involved in this plot against Israel?  The Lord
showed me a sun at the eastern border of Israel; this sun had three major rays and a group of little rays all
pointing away from the eastern boarders of Israel with the nation of Israel on the west side of the sun.   

See illustration and the interpretation exactly as The Lord showed it to me:-

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And The Lord said to me, the three major rays of the sun are three major nations located to the east of Israel
that will play a major part in the plot and the sudden invasion of Israel in an effort to take Jerusalem. The
group of little rays of the sun are other  nations and factions in the middle-east and around the world that will
be in the plot, and would also be involved in the invasion of Israel.

And I saw various suicidal attacks, kidnappings and assassinations aimed at Israeli government officials and
her people, including the head of state of Israel, planned and carried out by Israel's enemies both inside and
outside Israel in disguise.  And The Lord said,
"Israel will be putting herself in a snare if she gives away any of
her current territories. The smaller the territories of Israel, the more vulnerable she is to attacks by her

These are the words and the revelations of The Lord God Almighty from the mouth of His prophet.

Dr. Deborah Flint
Holy Spirit Advantage Prophetic Ministries