To:  Ministers of the gospel, Churches, Rabbis, Synagogues,
Believers and All Who Seek The Lord Almighty
(Ezekiel 3:17–21; 14:12-20)
  The Revelation of The Most High God  

On the 5th day of May 2010, in a vision The Lord showed me Solomon, king of Israel of the old days arrayed in his royal apparel. He was sitting on his throne with his back reclined on the chair and his arms hanging downward over the chair arm rest on both sides of the chair; he was in a somber mood and in a tired, retrospective demeanor. In his mind he pondered immensely over all his wealth and having everything there is to have – wealth and pleasure, and in his mind also he was asking; what else is left about man seeking life’s pleasures, and having everything there is to have? And I saw King Solomon in an intense moment of retrospection, humbleness of mind, and weariness of body.  

I inquired of The Lord the meaning of this vision, and The Lord said, “As in the days of Persia and Babylon the great, the Egyptian empire, the empire of Rome, the empire of Greece, Sodom and Gomorrah, the people and their kings in their earthly glory, sin, abomination, and idolatry, the world and its inhabitants who rebelled against My word and followed the desires and lusts of their own hearts. They came and filled the lusts of their own hearts and body, they reaped the reward of their evil works and are no more.  Yet, in all their wealth and in all their glories did they not attain the riches, the glories, and the wisdom of  king Solomon, who was endowed with the greatest riches, wisdom and glory; which he deeply pondered over somberly and saw that all is vanity and leads a man’s heart astray, and away from his creator until the day of visitation. So is this nation and the nations of the world, the people, their kings, and their leaders are led astray by their own lust and carnal desires until the day of their judgment, except they turn away from their evil and their wicked ways; as did Nineveh and their king in obedience to My word by the mouth of Jonah the prophet. Is anyone learning from the wisdom and reasoning of Solomon who deemed the lust of man as vanity?”  “Woe unto them who say ‘there are no more prophets and that The Lord God has not spoken by anyone,’ yet, deep down in your belly resides the fear of My judgment and the consequences of your evil deeds.  Does not your belly rumble in fear of My judgment? But, yet in your heart, you elect to deceive and comfort yourself saying, ‘surely there is no judgment, The Lord is a merciful God and will not render such a judgment against man whom He has made in His own image, The Lord tarries since the days of old, so I will enjoy my life and have a fill of my pleasures, there are no consequences to come, The Lord will surely not bring such bitter judgment against man for He is always merciful.’  This you say to excuse yourself and to ease your conscience of guilt. And the minister on the pulpit who says, ‘the blood of Jesus, the blood of Jesus, the blood of Jesus covers you; The Lord is forever merciful and cannot render such judgment, and there are no consequences while you continue to live in sin;’ polluting My sanctuary and leading the congregation to sin; making them to believe in lies, and in heresy. I am not a man that any should deceive Me by twisting My words or My commandments; or by making light of My word or by twisting My promises which are established and are of old, and cannot change.  I am a merciful God, and I am also a just God; do not let yourself be deceived, for I will surely render judgment according to everyone’s deeds.  Do not hold the truth in unrighteousness.  Plead the blood of Jesus Christ with a contrite heart and in genuine repentance, in turning away from your sins and forsaking them; by so doing you shall obtain mercy and shall be restored.  Do not hold the truth in unrighteousness as many do, and as many false ministers teach the congregation to believe in lies and in heresy, so they may serve themselves of their wealth,” saith The Most High God.  

“All who have chosen to live in rebellion, in sin, and in abomination; from those who sit on the highest seats in the land, who lead others to sin by their evil decrees and their evil works, to the ministers on the pulpit who deceive the congregation and serve themselves of their wealth, to the members who sit on the pew and allow themselves to be deceived, to the man in the street, and the beggar in the dunghill; all shall surely reap the recompense of their evil works and shall be judged in full, except they turn from their evil ways,” saith The Lord of Hosts.

On the 5th day of July 2010, the day on which this nation was holding the 4th of July celebration since the 4th had fallen on a Sunday, and was therefore moved to Monday; the word of The Lord came to me saying, “What is the definition of a nation or a society? Is it defined as one that is rebellious against The God who made them and provided them with abundant substance?  Does a nation or a society live in disobedience against The Lord God Almighty, The Most High and Mighty God, and expect to continue to flourish and prosper without the consequences of their rebellion?  Why do you complain when you face adversity and reap the reward of your rebellion against The Almighty God who made and fashioned you?  The God who brought your founding fathers, and allowed them to possess this land because of those among them who were faithful and obeyed My word.  But the generations after them have polluted the land, and have departed from the path and purpose which I have set forth for this land and the inhabitants of it; the purpose for which I allowed them to possess this land.” ‘Would a just God condone evil without recompense for the unjust?  Would a God of justice not render His reward to the just and to the unjust according to their own works, which they have done of their own free will and choice; the righteous and the unrighteous according to their deeds which they choose to work before Me, The Most High God, and by their own free will? Can The Almighty God be unjust and render the same reward to the righteous, who walk in My ways and live faithfully before Me and by My word in obedience daily, and to the unrighteous who live in rebellion to My word and My commandments, and do as they please without repentance and without turning away from their evil and sinful ways?”  ‘As I live, everyone shall reap what they sow, which they have done of their own choice and of their own free will.  I am not a man that I should be deceived by the feeble excuses and the cunningness of the sons and daughters of men whom I have made,”’ saith The Lord Most High.    

On the 28th day of August 2010, the word of The Lord came to me saying, “I have said this before, if this nation will turn from their evil ways and forsake following their own path, and the lust of their own hearts and of their bodies, I will heal them. I will heal the land and restore her greatness among other nations. If this nation will forsake their sins and put away their abominations and their idolatry, and not return to their old and evil ways; if they will magnify Me before the heathen nations and use the substance and the riches that I have given them to exalt Me before the heathens, I will heal this land and make her great again that other nations shall fear her. But if they continue to turn deaf ears to My word and to My servants who speak My word in their ears every day, then shall this nation continue to diminish in substance, and in her greatness and power over and among other nations.  Even the small nations will not pay heed to them nor have respect for them when they speak or sit among other nations in conference.  But on all that are faithful before Me will I have mercy, for I shall surely not destroy the righteous with the wicked.  Though I tarry My hand of judgment against a nation because of My faithful servants who inhabit it, the wicked shall surely suffer the consequences and the recompense for their evil and rebellious works which they have done before Me day by day; unless they repent and turn from their sinful ways, for I am a just and a holy God.  Do not say to yourselves, ‘I am weary of hearing the calls to repentance and the warnings of impending judgment;’ for I have continually sent My servants to cry My words into your ears, if peradventure you will hearken to their calls and heed My word and repent, and put away your sinful ways of evil, wickedness, abomination, and idolatry that it may be well with thee, and that thy soul may be saved from My judgment.  Even I, Myself, shall bear witness against you on My long patience, and on the efforts of My faithful servants who continually called you to repentance by My word in persistence and in longsuffering; for I am a just God, and I am also a jealous and a holy God, ” saith The Lord of Hosts.

On the 17th day of September 2010, the word of The Lord came to me after reading all that He has said and all that He has shown me; I pondered over His words and His revelations the night before, which was Thursday the 16th. Very early in the morning of this Friday, the 17th day of September 2010, I woke up and picked up my Bible to read; then the voice of The Lord said unto me, “I am The Inevitable.” “Whoever listens and obeys My word; it shall surely be a blessing and deliverance to them, but whoever hears and ignores My word and chooses to disobey it and continue in their rebellion, same shall be a witness and a judgment against them.  Therefore, do not grow weary of speaking or writing and sending as I command you; neither be ye discouraged because of many who turn deaf ears to My word.  Continue in speaking My word to this nation and the nations of the world, and its inhabitants as I command you.  To all who listen and obey, and to all who hear and ignore it alike; for it shall surely be a witness against all who choose to continue in their rebellion,” saith The Most High God.    

These are the words and the revelations of The Lord God Almighty by His prophet. All who have ears to hear, let them hear and obey the word of The Most High God, so that it may be well with you and all who believe in your house.

Dr. Deborah Flint


My Commission:
…….Then The Lord said unto me His servant, “follow after Jeremiah, you are like the Hebrew; for thou shall go to all that I shall send thee, and whatsoever I command thee thou shall speak and shall write. And it shall be a blessing and deliverance to all who will hearken and obey, and a judgment to all who will not hearken and obey. Do not be afraid of them or their faces, neither be ye discouraged nor be intimidated by the words or the reaction of some; for ‘I AM’ have sent thee, and I am with thee to deliver thee. I have anointed you a prophet for My people and for the nations. My presence shall be with thee to deliver My Word with signs, miracles, and wonders of the ancient of days … and I am thy witness.”

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