To:   The Ministers And Servants of The Lord Almighty
Subject:  Revelation Of The Almighty God
June, 1991

*  Israel
*  Cyprus
*  Syria
*  Moscow
*  Brussels
*  Europe
*  Iraq

The word of the Lord came to me saying,
"there is a plot to kidnap and assassinate Israeli officials and citizens in countries that are friendly
to Israel where hostilities are least expected.  This plot will be carried out by a militant group that sees itself as a revolutionary group
fighting for a cause.  This is a newly empowered group that comprises of members of various Arab/Muslim sects and countries.  This group
will commit atrocities against Israeli officials and citizens; and will initially hide their true identity and makeup to avoid retaliation"
The Lord.

In another vision, The Lord showed me a very long and fully loaded trailer truck covered with a green colored tarpaulin being secretly
moved at night inside Syria.  Thereafter, I saw a great number of soldiers rushing down a mountain on ropes from Syria's side of her
border with Israel.  I inquired of The Lord what these meant?  And The Lord said,
"the long trailer truck covered with tarpaulin was loaded
with sophisticated weapons and missiles.  And that Syria is fortifying her borders as well as her reserves, and especially to the furthermost
north of Israel's border with Syria for fear of attack from Israel because of all her secret evil roles against Israel.  Syria with the help of
other Arab countries and factions will plan to lunch an unexpected attack on Israel to take all the Golan Heights area and to advance further
and occupy while peace initiatives continue. Because Syria has set herself up against my people, my hand shall be against her,"
saith The
Lord of Hosts.

In another vision, The Lord showed me Israel with her hands tied to her back while her enemies clobbered her.  As I inquired of the Lord
what this meant, The Lord said;
"Israel will be pressured through peaceful negotiations by the so called mediating countries to compromise
in certain ways that will eventually result in Israel being placed in a difficult position in dealing with her enemies whose goals are to
destroy her.  Unless Israel deals wisely with these countries who are playing mediating roles while indirectly pursing their own self
interests, she will end up being pressured into a position whereby her hands will be tied to her back while her enemies clobber her."
 I was
troubled in spirit; I so prayed for The Lord to grant the leaders of Israel the wisdom to deal wisely with these self-interested mediator

In another vision, The Lord showed me a coin. A very special coin with very special engravings on both sides of it like the coat of arm of a
nation, and other very symbolic engravings on it. This coin is not for buying and selling. As I watched, The Lord said to me,
"it is an Egyptian
Secret Service License. The vision I showed you concerns a top secret service that will be commissioned to dismantle the government of
Egyptian Mubarak. Their goal will be to depose Mubarak by a military coup if he refuses to yield to their demands for  a tougher stand
against Israel, and to replace him with a radical government that will promulgate anti Israeli policies in Egypt. This is a plot by top
opponents of Israel in Egypt. This secret service will be responsible for stirring up riots in Egypt. The Egyptian secret service will be
directly involved in this coup that will be planned by the Egyptian military officers headed by a General, and a political leader who is
coordinating the activities of the groups involved in the plots to overthrow Mubarak's government ."

In another vision, the voice of The Lord said to me, "Moscow."   And I beheld and saw a throne rise up from the depths of the earth and
established itself, and The Lord said;
"another iron hand shall arise in the Soviet Union that will trample upon people with great
wickedness, and will roll the clock of the Soviet history and her people backwards to the old totalitarian communist practices.  This evil
regime with her allies will pose a tremendous threat to Israel and the free world.  Gorbachev will either be forced to step down, or be
overthrown and assassinated.  The more willing Gorbachev will be to vacate his post peacefully, the safer his life will be,"
saith The Lord of

Thereafter, the voice of The Lord said to me;
"another hand stronger than the first shall come upon Iraq as judgement on account of her
wickedness against Israel and the innocent."

Again the word of The Lord came to me concerning Brussels saying, "in the years to come, when united Europe is finally seated and in their
dynasty, the focus of attention in Brussels will be Israel; how to deal with Israel, and what to do to Israel.  It will start as friendly,
peaceful  negotiations and gestures, but will lead to dictating to Israel what they must do.  Moreover, the countries that now appear to be
friendly to Israel will compromise and betray Israel to buy favour in the sight of these European nations.  This will put Israel in a very
difficult position,"
saith The Lord.
As I wondered what Israel would do, The Lord said;
"the more strongly Israel clings to her God 'I Am', the easier her victory will come."     

And The Lord said "let every minister who reads and hears these words speak to the congregation, and every man and woman, young and
old to his or her relatives, friends and neighbors.  All that have gone astray, turn away from your evil and sinful ways, and seek The Lord
God Almighty with all your heart that ye may find grace and solace in the hard and evil days to come."

He that has ear to hear let him hear, these are the words and the revelations of The Lord God Almighty from the mouth of His prophet.

Dr. Deborah Flint

My Commission:

.......Then The Lord said unto me His servant, "follow after Jeremiah, you are like the Hebrew; for thou shall go to all that I shall send thee,
and whatsoever I shall command thee thou shall speak and shall write.  Do not be afraid of them or their faces, neither be ye discouraged
nor be intimidated by the words or the reaction of some for "I AM" have sent thee, and I am with thee to deliver thee.  My presence shall be
with thee to deliver My Word with signs, miracles, and wonders of the ancient of days, ....... and I am thy witness."
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