“Where There Is No Vision, The People Perish” Proverbs 29:18.
To: Ministers of the gospel, churches, believers, Rabbis, Synagogues,
and all who seek The Lord God Almighty

The Revelation of The Almighty God

On the 15th day of May 2006, in a vision, The Lord showed me a landscape full of buildings built by lay people
and by ministers of the gospel.  I saw every space of the landscape acquired and built upon until it became very
crowded. Then the voice of The Lord said to me, “buying and building.”  And The Lord showed me a group of
ministers of the gospel who have become like the unbelievers, like the carnal man in the world. I saw gospel
ministers competing with each other in the number of buildings they can erect for themselves, and in the
acquisition of material wealth and assets, but spiritually they were dead and bankrupt.  And I saw these ministers
possessed by the spirit of deception, deceiving themselves and their congregations, preaching deceitful sermons
and deceiving many.

On the 18th day of June 2006, The Lord showed me many people who called themselves Christians, who have
deviated from the Christian faith and righteousness; they were drawn away by their own lusts, greed for material
things, and by their carnal desires.  I saw them begin to doubt God and their Christian beliefs by dismissing the
scriptural teachings, the existence of God, holiness before God, His judgment and eternity.  I saw these people
become indifferent about Christ, His second coming and eternity.  And The Lord said,
“Just as the children of
Israel turned away from “JEHOVAH”  “I AM” in the wilderness after Moses went up the mount Sinai to receive
My commandments. The Israelites turned their back on The Lord their God who delivered them with a mighty
hand, and with great wonders, signs, and miracles. They made for themselves an idol; a golden calf and
worshipped it.  So it is today in this nation and in the nations of the world.  Many have turned their backs on
“JEHOVAH”,  “I AM”.  With their mouth they profess and confess My name, but with their bodies, their hearts,
and their souls they commit evil and abomination before Me. They defile their bodies, the temple of The Most
High God,”
saith The Lord.

On the 27th day of August 2006, in a vision, The Lord showed me this nation, the United States of America
embracing and hugging many nations of the world with a big smile on her face and saying “friendship”, professing
and promoting mutual friendship with other nations, but with a deceit in her heart, and after her own self and
interests. And The Lord said,
“The mischievous work of many have destroyed and silenced the good works of a
few people, and have driven resentment into the hearts and minds of many people in many nations, including
adamant nations that cannot forgive.  As long as this nation continues in her sinful ways, her ways of evil,
abomination, and rebellion against Me, The Lord God Almighty, this nation will not have rest from her enemies
and from those that hate her, neither will her people find peace within themselves nor among themselves.  But in
Me shall My faithful servants find rest and comfort,”
saith The Lord of Hosts.

On the 7th day of September 2006, in a vision, The Lord showed me George W. Bush.  He was about to make a
speech to the people and to the press outside at the veranda of the white house.  He stood in deep contemplation
and dismay, with a very sad look on his face while his aides were organizing for him, and expecting him to start
the speech.  As he stood there, the voice of The Lord said,
“retrospecting”.  And The Lord said, “George W. Bush
has found out many things, and now knows the truth about a lot of things he did not know before.  He was
misinformed in many things by many people.”
 I saw him sorely sad, thinking he would have done things
differently if he knew the things he knows now and the truth about things. And I saw great resentment against
George W. Bush and betrayal by people who worked close to him, especially, by those who were supposed to
protect him; people he trusted with all his heart. And I saw his life endangered by a deliberate act of negligence
and omission and by a deliberate lack of adequate security for him during his travels and while visiting places and
meeting with people in locations that were already pre-arranged.  But God spared the life of George W. Bush.

On the 19th day of September 2006, in a vision, The Lord showed me where an airborne nuclear chemical/toxin
was released in this nation.  I saw many lives lost and dead bodies scattered on the streets in the affected areas.  
Those people who were outside going about their businesses at the time of the nuclear incident/attack died in
massive numbers; people dropped dead wherever they were.  I saw people who happened to be inside during this
airborne deadly nuclear event survive more, especially those in solid buildings and complexes with more air-tight
construction, and solid buildings with tight-sealed glass construction.  After the nuclear attack, water had to be
cleared by authorities as safe for people to drink or use before they did so.  It had to be declared safe for people
who were inside and did survive the nuclear attack to come outside.  And I saw some hard hit areas that received
heavy doses of the nuclear material cause illnesses in people even after those areas were cleared for access and
dwelling.  After the nuclear attack, I saw massive number of law enforcement personnel on the streets checking
people and cars, and being rough and brutal.  And I saw check points set up everywhere, and there were enormous
traffic congestion on the roads.  It was chaotic and hard for people to move around or drive from one place to the
other because of traffic congestion, check points, and the brutality of the law enforcers. Many were forced to seek
undesirable alternative routes and means of getting to their destinations.  And I saw a multitude of people who
were highly inconvenienced, and disgruntled.

On the 13th day of October 2006, The Lord showed me many ministers of the gospel who have lost their focus on
Jesus Christ, and as they were consumed in the lust of the flesh and in competition with one another to out-do and
to out-build each other.  And I saw the Spirit of The Almighty God depart from these ministers as they continued
to preach empty and self-made gospel, and self-made doctrines.  Now, these ministers, hear the warning of The
Lord God Almighty;
“all those ministers who hide behind My name and dupe the congregation and serve
themselves of their wealth and money; you mislead the congregation by preaching compromising gospel that
condone living in sin before Me.  All of you who hide behind My name and commit evil and abomination; you
must depart from your crooked and evil ways, and from misleading My flock, and from following your own lusts;
or I The Lord God will allow you to be overthrown by your own deeds, and by your own lusts.  I will allow you to
be exposed, and be shamed.  I The Lord will allow you to be taken down by your own carnal and sinful works, and
you will be disgraced in the hands of the unbelievers.  And you will be removed from your ministry, from My
Church, and from deceiving My children; except you repent and turn from your evil ways”
saith The Lord of

On the 24th day of October 2006, The Lord showed me where a vast number of contractors, handymen, and
technicians in diverse trades; those whose work involve going into homes and businesses were secretly contracted
and used for surveillance, spying and eavesdropping on people on a large scale.  I saw these handymen,
contractors, delivery persons, technicians, maids, housekeepers, plumbers, electricians, the mailman, cable and
telephone workers, etc., were offered attractive compensations in exchange for their cooperation.  And I saw many
innocent and unsuspecting members of the society taken advantage of, in this and other nations of the world.  And
I saw many people labeled and accused of things they were not guilty of doing, blackmailed or punished for
revenge, as well as implicated by over-zealous spies in order to produce results.  I saw these spies make up things
when they have nothing to report in an effort to keep earning their promised monetary and material
compensations.  And I saw it become very difficult to find an innocent and untainted help in any field.  

On the 1st day of November 2006, The Lord showed me a massive and unprecedented attack on Christianity.  I
saw an unprecedented distortion of Christian faith and beliefs, promulgation of falsehood and heresy, and
propaganda against the Church of Jesus Christ, the name of Christ, and the Christian doctrine.  I saw a great
distortion of Biblical truth, propaganda and heresy as has never been seen or heard before.  I saw this evil against
the church and the Christian faith enabled by many who call themselves ministers of the gospel through their
carnal and lustful behaviors, hypocrisy, immoral lifestyles, deceit and infidelity.  I saw many who had initially
claimed to be believers and followers of Jesus Christ, including those who called themselves ministers of the
gospel, as they were drawn away by their own lust for material things, and by their carnal mindedness.  I saw these
fallen Christians as they began to question their faith and beliefs as they continued to drift away and in pursuit of
their lustful ways.  And I saw the hearts of the true servants of God broken and hurt by the un-regenerated
behavior of these self-made and self-appointed ministers of the gospel and by those who listen to them and follow
them.  And The Lord said to His faithful servants,
“Do not be troubled and do not be afraid of many evil things
your eyes shall behold and your ears shall hear, when you see My hand of judgment against many people and
against many nations.  Many things are going happen far away from you and many nearby; but stand ye strong in
faith and in The Lord thy God without doubt or compromise; thou and thine house, and ye shall behold My hand
of deliverance and protection.  I know My own, and My own know Me, and they are obedient to My words. They
hear My voice and they follow me, and they walk My path in righteousness.  I hear My faithful servants when they
call upon My name and My seal is upon their foreheads.  My faithful servants are in My presence always,”
The Lord of Hosts.

He that has ear to hear, let him hear.  These are the words and the revelations of The Lord God Almighty from the
mouth of His prophet.

Dr. Deborah Flint

My Commission:
…….Then The Lord said unto me His servant, “follow after Jeremiah, you are like the Hebrew; for thou shall go to all that I shall send thee,
and whatsoever I command thee thou shall speak and shall write.  Do not be afraid of them or their faces, neither be ye discouraged nor be
intimidated by the words or the reaction of some; for ‘I AM’ have sent thee, and I am with thee to deliver thee.  My presence shall be with thee
to deliver My Word with signs, miracles, and wonders of the ancient of days … and I am thy witness.”
The Christian Faith Under Intense Attack
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