Bible Study Center
From encouraging and inspiring articles, to inspiring daily devotions and helpful insight into studying the
Bible, to solid, bible-based teaching in understanding the plan of God for you, this Study Center provides
the Word-based foundation you need to maintain a healthy walk with the Lord Jesus Christ. Because one
Word from the Lord can change your life forever!


Learn how to pray for the direction needed regarding specific matters to make better decisions in your life
and the lives of your family and others.
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If you have received Jesus as your Savior and Lord, simply pray the following prayer in faith, and Jesus
will be your Lord!
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Keep God's Word close to you each day with the help From the Word of God, the devotional by Drs.
Deborah and Chika Flint.
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Bible Study Guide

The Bible study and the topics we discuss are designed to take you through a complete reading of the
Bible, and for your own understanding on how to apply them in your daily walk with the Lord. This
month we will have series of studies on HOW it All Began:
The Creation
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More on America in prophecy..........


Find resources for handling your earthly money and treasures based on Biblical principles.
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Read about what the Lord is speaking to the Body of Christ as He promised in John 14:15-18,21-24.
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