by Dr. Flint Chikamyer

Specifics questions addressed in this study:

(1) If America is a type of Israel in that she has been called to preach the Gospel to the world, is her fate sealed
as it was for Judah?

(2) Will her own weapons be used against her, the way Jerusalem’s own trees were cut down and used against
her walls as battering rams?

(3) Will the people of America be destroyed like Judah’s people were destroyed?

From the experiences of the children of Israel we learned that Jeremiah warned the majority still in Judah about
the coming Babylonian Captivity, and pleaded with Judah to return to God. In the same way, today God through
our ministry and other true believers has been warning America and her friendly nations about the coming
destruction. God is pleading with America to return to The Almighty God.

God has repeatedly been inviting America back to Him. He would receive her even after her immorality with her
other beastly lovers. God is pleading with America to plow the hardness of her heart, lest all be choked by thorns.

As Americans we could still escape judgment by cleansing our hearts and purifying our thoughts. To repent
means we could remain free in our land. To refuse means to be covered by the thick darkness. Thick darkness
in our time, considering the technology that is floating around, could mean something more serious and
devastating than anyone of us could imagine.

This ministry has fearlessly pronounced coming judgment at the hands of the New World System  a type of the
Babylonians; signifying that The Lord will allow the establishment of this awful and wicked system in our time
that will drive so many in our lands and around the world mad.  

Our nation has become a race of evil men and no amount of soap or lye could make them clean.
Our rulers have stained their clothes with the blood of the innocent and poor and are as an unashamed
prostitute. They worship false gods on every hill and under every shade tree.
They have set laws for the prosecution of the true ministers of the Gospel and the Prophets as a lion would
slaughter his prey. They are as insolvent as brass, and hard and cruel as iron. They have set up idols right in
the House of the Lord; in their hearts and they worship the pagan gods and goddesses.
They have actually sacrificed our little children as burnt offerings to devil gods in the abortion chambers they
have established in our land.
God is finally warning America’s leaders concerning the terrible results of their disobedience. Great armies will
soon be marching on America. America’s oppressors will comprise of her supposedly friendly nations, thus none
will help her against this great armies that are waiting to march through the land. People will fly from America’s
cities as one runs from a hungry lion. America will be surrounded as hunters would move in on a wild and
wounded animal. America will cry out as a woman in delivery. America’s own weapon will be taken and used
against her. The soul of America will be destroyed.

Enemy troops shall move among the people like poisonous snakes. Many shall die by sword, disease, and
starvation. Some will be scattered as chaff by the fierce desert winds. Unburied corpses shall litter the valleys
outside America’s cities, and become food for wild animals and birds. America’s enemies shall break open the
sacred graves of her nobles, and spread out their bones on the ground before the sun, moon, and stars.
Thousands shall be carried away to concentration camps, and some into foreign lands for life.

This severity of American’s punishment shall astonish the on looking pagan nations. We pray that America will
repent from her evils ways and turn to God before it is too late.  

                   Scripture reading: Jeremiah Chapters: 3:12-14; 262-7; 7:8, 13-14; 25:22; 29:10; 9:1.
America Can Still Escape Her Doom
Holy Spirit Advantage Prophetic Ministries
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