Attn:  Ministers of the gospel, Churches, Believers, Rabbis, Synagogues, Priests,
and All Who Seek The Lord God Almighty
(Ezekiel 3:17–21; 14:12-20)

The Revelation of The Most High God which he showed to me His prophet to make known unto his children and to all that will hearken according to His purpose.

America Chooses Leaders of Her Own Heart

The Revelations Of The Almighty God

On the 17th day of October 2008, the word of The Lord came to me saying, “America will choose leaders of her own heart, and make her own choices according to her lust and carnal desires, and shall suffer the consequences of her rebellion against Me, The Almighty God, as in the days of King Saul and his house.  America will not have her footing in the world again as she did for many years with honor and respect, and was esteemed by many nations.  But she will continue to suffer loss and humiliation.  As long as America continues in her rebellion against Me, and in her evil ways of sin and abomination; she will continue to suffer humiliation and embarrassment, and be looked down upon by the nations that once respected and highly esteemed her,” saith The Lord.  Moreover, the word of The Lord came to me saying, “seal this message and prophesy it to this nation after November 4th 2008 election,” saith The Lord God.  

On the 21st day of October 2008, The word of The Lord came to me concerning John McCain and Barack Obama. And The Lord God said, “if McCain is king.”  “If McCain is king he will rule with a strong hand against the nation’s enemies.  America’s enemies and other nations shall fear him and shall fear this nation.  But his opponents in Washington will work mischievously against him to frustrate him and to strangulate his leadership because he will reject the ideas of many.” “If Barack Obama wins, and he and his party takes control of the highest seats in the land, unprecedented things will happen in this nation and evil shall abound even more than ever. He will be used by the people of his own political party, the nations of the world, and the world leaders, and will be made a scapegoat. His enemies, both apparent and overt enemies who laugh and smile with him, and pretend to be supporting him; especially those who overtly hate him because of his heritage, and his sitting in the highest seat of the land will seek to destroy him.  Those who are ambitious for his position; those who are not content with what they have and the position they occupy, will also plot to destroy him.  Many who supported him initially and helped him win for their own selfish purposes, will in due time have a change of mind, and will begin to work mischievously against him, in the long run.  Some people of his own heritage who are envious of him and jealous of his achievements, and wishing that he does not succeed will overtly work against him, and secretly so.
He will only escape these evil plots if he walks in My path, and according to My will and purpose for this nation.  Only if he works with Me, The Almighty God, for I have his life in My hands,” saith The Lord.  “Only if he seeks My counsel with all his heart, and with all his soul, and not seek other gods, nor bow down to, nor worship the beast and serve him directly or indirectly.  If he will work with Me, The Most High God, then will he be safe in My hands; and My word holds true whether or not he wins the presidential election,” saith The Lord of Hosts.

On the 5th day of November 2008, the word of The Lord came to me saying, “when the mantle of leadership of the land is taken from one and given to another who is worse than the previous, by rebellious and evil minded people who do not walk in My ways but do things according to their own desires and lust after the flesh; when the leadership of the land falls into the hands of evil-minded and unrighteous men (people) because the former have sold their souls to the devil and were overcome by sin and abomination, and they worked not in My ways and lived not by My Word; evil shall abound and the righteous shall lament.  The noise of celebration and reveling of the unrighteous is not the noise of enduring happiness, but the beginning of sorrows.  For when the cry and the lamentation of the righteous reaches My ear, then will I bring judgment upon the rebellious; then shall their celebration and their jubilations, and the days of lust, evil lifestyles and abominations be turned into sadness and sorrow. Those who enable them will I also judge with a bitter judgment, even those who call themselves My ministers, who lust after the flesh, who have sold their souls to the devil because of their lust for material wealth, whom I have not called, neither have I commissioned them. All those false ministers who bring shame and dishonor to My name and lead many astray, will I also judge with a bitter judgment; for I am not a respecter of persons,” saith The Lord Most High.

“When evil men and women who do not honor My Word but do things as they please, sit in the highest seats in the land, evil, peril, danger abound and judgment follows.  Evil, peril, danger, disease and pestilence shall abound and judgment shall follow.  The mighty shall fall, the proud shall be abased, and lamentations, and sighing shall be heard loud among many people and in many nations saying, how are the mighty fallen!” saith The Lord. “The majority of the people in America have voted for sin, lust, and abomination in the casting of their election votes.  Only a hand full will benefit from Barack Obama’s presidency, but a great multitude will be lost as they plunge even deeper into lust and abomination, and as they boldly advocate for others to join them in their abominable lifestyles,”
saith The Lord God.

“All My faithful children who honor My name in Spirit and in truth, and serve Me with their heart, soul and body, must stand firm and steadfast in the truth of My Word and by My Spirit; for abounding evil and abomination shall surely be judged.  And I will judge all unrighteousness, and the rebellion of all people and of all nations according to their evil works, and according to their evil deeds,” saith The Lord of Hosts.

These are the words of The Lord God Almighty by His prophet. He who has ear to hear, let him hear and obey the word of The Most High God.   

*Bishops, Pastors, and all who minister in the name of The Most High God, pray with your congregation that the President elect and the leaders of this nation would choose to walk with The Almighty God, and lead in the fear of God to redirect this nation from its present course, so that America may be saved and turned away from her rebellious course to self destruction.

Dr. Deborah Flint


My Commission:
…….Then The Lord said unto me His servant, “follow after Jeremiah, you are like the Hebrew; for thou shall go to all that I shall send thee, and whatsoever I command thee thou shall speak and shall write. And it shall be a blessing and deliverance to all who will hearken and obey, and a judgment to all who will not hearken and obey. Do not be afraid of them or their faces, neither be ye discouraged nor be intimidated by the words or the reaction of some; for ‘I AM’ have sent thee, and I am with thee to deliver thee. I have anointed you a prophet for My people and for the nations. My presence shall be with thee to deliver My Word with signs, miracles, and wonders of the ancient of days … and I am thy witness.”

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