"Where There Is No Vision, The People Perish" (Proverbs 29:18).

  Surely the Lord GOD will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets (Amos 3:7).


Attn: TO ALL THAT WILL LISTEN (Ezekiel 3:17–21; 14:12-20)

The Revelation of The Most High God.




On the 29th day of July 2019, very early in the morning, The Lord showed me Jerry Nadler, Elijah Cummings, and Adam Schiff. As I beheld, The Lord said to me, "These and all that think like them and behave and act like them are the Nimroders." "They follow the instructions from the gates of hell. They breathe it, they sleep upon it, they awake on it, they are consumed in the contemplation of it with vindictive, treacherous heart and mind, they act upon it beyond reason. They are devoid of any reason and conscience because their conscience has been taken from them and has been replaced with a sheepish following of instructions from the gates of hell. Therefore, their inclination is to build the tower of Babel to the highest level and to continue in the building of it. They also delight in the building of it because it satisfies their wicked, evil minds, and their desires. All that build the tower of Babel, like the builders of the ancient tower of Babel, will incur My wrath and My judgment if they turn not away from their evil and unrighteous path, which is rebellious and an abomination before Me, The Most High God. Look around you, look around this nation, America, look around the nations of the world, ponder over things you see nearby and things you hear that happen far from you, and perceive what I can do when My anger is kindled but a little. Beware! Beware! Beware!," saith The Lord of Hosts.

And The Lord said, "If you are My faithful servant who pander to the evil ideology and the evil works of these vindictive and stonehearted group of people who build the tower of Babel in all their ways and in all their works, remove yourself from their midst, lest you partake in their judgment and in the judgment of all who build the tower of Babel against the innocent, against My servants, against My people, and persecute the innocent. Their stony hearts are engulfed and filled with hate, resentment, lies, and evil plot day and night. Remove yourselves from the midst of them and do not be sympathetic to their lies and their evil cause," saith The Lord God.

"The righteousness of all My faithful servants is in My Hand. I Am The One Who judges righteously, and I Am The One Who prescribe and render judgment. I see and know all things that are done in secret and in the open. Beware of the leaven of idolatry, lust, wickedness, lies, deceit, and the abomination and rebellion of the tower of Babel," saith The Lord.

And The Lord God showed me, Donald Trump, where he had lost the 2020 election and was to concede to a female candidate winner. He was sorely shocked and reacted drastically in a way that has a high potential to cause him harm and injury. But yet he was not hurt after his drastic reaction and response. And The Lord said, "If Donald Trump will humble himself before Me and continue to honor Me, and heed My Word, I will grant him another election win and allow him another period of rule. I will hand him the election victory as I did in 2016. But if he allows himself to be deceived and cave in to pressure from the beast and the beast's surrogates, and obeys and serves the beast through his surrogates, and thereby worships the creature instead of the creator, I will take the mantle of the leadership of this nation, America away from him. This will allow evil people to rule this nation and plunge it deeper into evil and abomination like never before," saith The Lord God Almighty.

"There will arise a very evil leader that will rule this nation, America, in the future after the reign of Donald Trump that will lead America into greater evil than the predecessor of Donald Trump. This future leader will be elected by the will of evil, lustful, abominable, self-worship minds and people. This future leader will worship the beast and whore after the beast along with all who will work with the leader. This leader will embrace all manner of evil and will roll back all the gains Donald Trump made by My Hand," saith The Lord. "This future leader will plunge this nation, America, deeper into grievous sins and abomination before Me, The Most High God, as has never been seen or done before. America will be driven into the abyss of sin, evil and abomination, lust and self-worship, indifference and wickedness, which will kindle My wrath and speedily bring My judgment upon the perpetrators and those they enable, and those that enable them in the nations of the world. This future leader will set the clock of the prosperity of America backward in many ways and bring enormous suffering to a great multitude among the population of this nation. And yet, if the people and their leaders will remorsefully repent in those days, and turn from their evil and wicked ways, and from their abomination before Me, I will have mercy and will heal the land, and will restore this nation," saith The Lord of Hosts.

On the 4th day of August 2019, The word of The Lord came to me speaking to all His faithful servants on earth and to all who will listen. And The Lord said, "In your words, in your works, in your thoughts, in your walks, in your actions and in your deeds; in all your ways acknowledge Me in righteousness that you may prosper. I hold the earth and everyone and everything in it in My Hand. I hold your life in My Hand. And I will blow on your works of unrighteousness and on your accomplishments which you have attained by your lusts and your desires, and I will cause them to fall and crumble like the tower of Babel. And ye shall also fall and crumble along with your evil and unrighteous works and accomplishments. Beware!" saith The Lord God Most High.

On the 13th day of September 2019, the word of The Lord came to me saying, "See what the sons and daughters of men are doing? They have no repentant heart; no repentance in them at all. They are hardened in their evil and unrighteous ways. They delve deeper into sin and defile themselves. They are so marred and covered with sin and abomination as thick mud from head to toe that their whole being is obscured to even their eyes that they cannot see and their minds that they cannot perceive good and righteousness." As I was listening to The Lord, He showed me a person standing and his whole body was covered with very thick dark mud from his head to his toes, and his eyes were so covered with a sheet of very thick dark mud that he could not see and could not move from where he was standing. And The Lord said, "Thus is the appearance of one who lives in sin and has defiled himself or herself. They are in utter darkness. So, when their cup is full they drop like flies. The sons and daughters of men act and live their lives the way their parents taught them to live and act by their own examples of their pagan, idolatrous, and rebellious ways, and by their indifference to My Word and by turning deaf ears to the warning of My prophet and to the preaching of My faithful ministers. So as they live in disobedience and rebellious to My Word and are unrepentant, they fall by the wayside and are no more, and are even cut off from the land of the living. As I have said to parents of all generations, your children whom you have raised and taught in words and in action to disobey My Word; your children whom you have refused to raise in My fear and in My Word; your children whom you have conditioned to follow your unrepentant and unrighteous example shall break and pierce your hearts through like a sharp arrow and will continue to break your hearts by the evil and atrocities they will commit against people and nations until you are no more. You have said in your mind, there is no God, God is a myth and will not judge or hold anyone accountable because He does not exist; then you will see and know that I AM The Almighty God who was, and is, and will always be, and reigns forevermore. Consider the earthquakes, the tsunamis, the hurricanes, the volcanoes, and much more of these wonders and tell Me if they are of the making of your own hands. Your children whom you refuse to teach My Word and to walk in the paths of righteousness will bring you enormous heartache," saith The Most High God.

"I see and hear the sons and daughters of men argue and squabble over climate changes and they call it global warming. It is not global warming, Oh you foolish and blinded generation. When evil and abomination abound and the sons and daughters of men defile themselves before Me, The Most High, and pollute the land with evil and unrighteousness, disasters and great mishaps increases as My judgment pursues them and overtake them by reason of their non-repentance and hardness of heart. As I warned the ancient Israelites that when they go into the land of Canaan to possess it, and I bless them with abundance and they eat and drink, and eat in abundance and forget The Lord God who brought them out of the land of Egypt, and they turn around to sin against Me The Almighty God who delivered them and brought them out of hardship and from the oppression of Pharaoh of Egypt with a mighty strong hand, and with signs and wonders and miracles, and sustained and healed them in the wilderness, and won their battles and their wars; that if they go into the land of Canaan and adopt the evil and unrighteousness of the pagan inhabitants of the land and worship their idol gods and pollute and defile themselves before Me, that I will cause the land to spew them out. America is a type of Canaan and the inhabitants of America has defiled themselves and have polluted the land which I gave them and brought them into this land from diverse places, for them to serve Me faithfully in this land, but a great many have failed to do so. Therefore they will suffer the consequences of their rebellion and their evil works. Every man and woman, male and female, young and old, will be judged according to their works. Everyone will incur judgment on their own head as recompense according to everyone's works and deeds which they have done by their own choice. Blessed are all who hear and heed My Word and follow Me, and honor My Word and live by My commandments in holiness, and teach their children to do so. For they shall delight in the fruit of their body and shall be in My protection, them and their offspring shall be blessed and shall be safe in the hollow of My Hand", saith The Lord of Hosts.

As you read and hear these revelations of The Lord God Almighty, do not harden your heart, but search yourself and repent, and turn from unrighteous works, and seek The Lord God Most High with all your heart and soul, and follow His ways and live His Word in holiness. If you so do, The Lord will have mercy on you, and on all that truly repents and follow Him in righteousness in your household. You will have nothing to lose but everything to gain. "For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?" Mark 8:36 (KJV).

Hear and obey the Word of The Most High God. Holy! Holy! Holy! Is The Lord God Almighty. Serve Him faithfully!

Dr. Deborah Flint

My Commission:
…….Then The Lord said unto me His servant, “follow after Jeremiah, you are like the Hebrew; for thou shall go to all that I shall send thee, and whatsoever I command thee thou shall speak and shall write. And it shall be a blessing and deliverance to all who will hearken and obey, and a judgment to all who will not hearken and obey. Do not be afraid of them or their faces, neither be ye discouraged nor be intimidated by the words or the reaction of some; for ‘I AM’ have sent thee, and I am with thee to deliver thee. I have anointed you a prophet for My people and for the nations. My presence shall be with thee to deliver My Word with signs, miracles, and wonders of the ancient of days … and I am thy witness.”

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