Posted on October 6, 2011  

Attn:  Ministers of the gospel, Churches, Believers, Rabbis, Synagogues, Priests,
and All Who Seek The Lord God Almighty
(Ezekiel 3:17–21; Amos 3:7)

The Revelation of The Most High God


On the 22nd day of May 2011, in a vision, The Lord showed me a hand ringing a very large bell. And I heard a voice from heaven calling out unto the inhabitants of the earth who live in sin and rebel against The Almighty God, and those who commit all manner of evil and abomination. And the voice cried out saying, "Repent! Repent! Repent! Turn away from your evil ways and escape the judgment to come! Refrain from sin, evil and abomination! Return to Jesus The Lord! Refrain from your rebellious and sinful ways! Sanctify yourselves and serve The Most High God! Save yourselves from the wrath and judgment to come, and from eternal condemnation; the suffering and the reward prepared for Satan, his angels, and his followers!" And I heard another voice speaking to the faithful servants of The Most High God who live by His word in holiness saying; "Rejoice! Rejoice! Rejoice! For ye are the chosen and the saints of The Most High! Your faithfulness and your righteous works before The Lord God are as a sweet-smelling savor; for The Lord is delighted in you and in your faithful and righteous works. And His great reward is laid up for the righteous and the faithful, for the present and for hereafter. So, I say unto you, rejoice!" saith The Lord.

On the 2nd day of June 2011, the word of The Lord came to me saying, "Greece in the Agenda." "Greece is in the agenda of the New World Order and the surrogates of the antichrist. As the antichrist movement and the new world order work with their tools of destabilization, employing chaos, sin, idolatry, evil, and abomination; Greece will be made to bow the more to the emerging group of elite people and nations spearheading the New World Order and the antichrist movement. Their agenda will be widespread and perpetuated. This will also be perpetrated against many nations directly and indirectly, and by using one nation against the other. It will become very rampant and widespread in such a way that many nations will always be at the brink of economic collapse; always living at the edge, and some in complete economic collapse and devastation. The landscape of nations who have influence and command the respect and audience of other nations will change substantially; for some that were previously regarded as mighty and powerful shall fall and shall be highly ignored. Many nations shall be completely taken over and acquired by the elite nations. It will be a form of modernized piracy perpetrated by these elite people and elite nations of the world against other nations. There will be no consideration given to the welfare of the massive number of people suffering all over the world. This is the way of the world; the way of the man of sin. Because of abounding evil and abomination on earth, the just shall live by My Word and by faith, and shall be upheld by My outstretched arm and My right hand of righteousness," saith The Lord God Most High.

On the 17th day of June 2011, the word of The Lord came to me saying, "Impeachment due for Ellen Powell." Since I was not familiar with this name and person, I inquired of The Lord the meaning of this and how I will know whom He was speaking about. Then The Lord said to me, "theatrical" "The type of joy and happiness the world craves is the type they receive from the theatrical work of Ellen Powell and others like her. This is the joy and happiness that does not endure, but is only a fluid experience that vanishes in a moment, and yet man (people) craves it and sell their souls for this and such things as these. They do not learn, even from the follies, the evil, the mischief, and the fall of the ancient Roman Empire and other empires like them, who walked the same path. They came and filled themselves of their lusts, evil, and abomination and are gone. With so many having missed their opportunity to repent and receive salvation; there is no repentance in the grave. By the work of Ellen Powell and others like her, they lead many to follow a path that leads to emptiness and to the destruction of their souls," saith The Lord.

On the 21st day of June 2011, in a vision, The Lord showed me the streets of a business district such as Wall Street. Many parts of the streets were overlaid with round smooth stones; they were neat and decent. And I saw many people all over the nation who were upset and angry because of hardship. A great multitude of very disgruntled people took to the streets and were angrily moving their bowels on these neat streets purposefully; so much so that the streets were covered with human feces. And I saw very hard and dangerous times, widespread crimes, sin, evil, abomination, and lawlessness everywhere as never before. I saw great heresy and rebellion against the word of God in this nation, and in the nations of the world as has never been seen before. And The Lord showed me His true and faithful servants become very concerned and worried, wondering if they had unknowingly stepped on these feces as they went about their vocations and their daily activities. But they did not. Then the word of The Lord came to me saying, "All who stand firm and walk in My ways in perseverance shall not be tainted by evil if they continue in obedience to My Word, and in holiness before Me. The faithful and righteous shall overcome evil, temptation, and hardship by living My Word in holiness. I will uphold My true and faithful servants with My right hand of righteousness," saith The Lord.

On the 23rd day of June 2011, in a vision The Lord showed me a great turmoil all over the world more than has ever been seen before due to severe hardship. And I saw people in this and other nations rise up in great rebellion against the leaders and the laws of the land in ways that has never been seen. It was like the wave of a great stormy wind around the world sweeping through the nations. And I saw great turmoil and destruction of people and things, and the destruction of the wealth of the rich and the famous by many angry people.

On the 23rd day of June 2011, in a trance The Lord showed me a strange hill with archaic looking features that embodies strange entities and strange practices. As I looked at this strange hill, the voice of The Lord said to me; "Hellenics" "The Hellenics follow the pattern and the culture of the ancient Greek traditions of idol worship as does the Roman Catholic Church. They do not worship Me, The Most High God. They serve and worship the ancient Greek gods and goddesses which their ancestors served. Withdraw yourselves from idolatry and from serving the ancient Greek gods and goddesses, and from performing the rituals of the ancient Athenians." Then The Lord said to me, "Now I am going to show you their inner sanctum." Then He showed me a secret door at the Vatican, and the secret door was opened. And The Lord showed me that only the members of this inner sanctum can go through this secret door, and into this secret place where great evil rituals, evil plots, evil deeds, idolatry, and abomination are wrought away from the unsuspecting, undiscerning eyes and minds of ordinary Roman Catholic church members. And The Lord said, "Though the many evil works and practices of the Vatican inner sanctum, their idol worship and rituals are hidden from the eyes of many; though the idolatry of the Hellenics and all the people and nations who import and practice the rituals of the Athenians, and worship the ancient Greek gods and goddesses are camouflaged and obscured in the eyes and minds of many; I will visit the leaders and the people with My judgment for their iniquities, except they turn from their evil ways, their abomination, and from their idol worship. I will dismantle man's cunning and evil works before Me with My judgment. Who can hinder the mighty works and the mighty acts of My hand, The omnipotent? Who can hinder the mighty works and the mighty acts of The Almighty God? Who can exalt himself above My Word, My commandments, and My statutes; the will and plan of The Omniscient God? Who is able to exalt himself and work against Me, The Most High God Yehovah?" saith The Lord of Hosts.

Again, on the 23rd day of June 2011, in another vision The Lord showed me great multitude of people driven by severe hardship rise up in great turmoil and destruction against the land and the leaders in this nation and in the nations of the world. I saw multitude of people moving their bowels on the streets in rebellion and throwing human feces on the streets. And I saw great rebellion rise up against the Vatican and the Roman Catholic church in due time when the Spirit of The Most High God shall open the eyes, the hearts, and the minds of the people to the truth of The Word of God in massive numbers. This shall bring the downfall of the Roman Catholic establishment by the hand of The Almighty God Yehovah. And The Lord said, "Whosoever shall remorsefully repent of their sins and turn away from the idolatry, evil, and abomination of the Vatican and their inner sanctum shall receive My mercy. And if any among the multitude of the people in the nations of the world who has been deceived and led to sin against Me, The Omnipotent God, by the idolatry and false doctrine of the devil, and the deceit of the Vatican and the Roman Catholic church; if they will remorsefully repent and turn from their evil ways, I will have mercy on them," saith The Lord God.

(Note: The Lord revealed the above visions of severe worldwide hardship, turmoil, violence and lawlessness three times and consecutively; meaning that it is a serious matter and also an imminent situation.)

On the 10th day of July 2011 the Word of The Lord came to me saying, "Sandy Moore" This name and person was not known to me, so I inquired of The Lord about who she was and what He wanted me to know about this person. The Lord speaking to the inhabitants of the earth said, "Come out of their web, hers and others like her." "Come away from them that twist My Word and My Commandments, and deceive many. Come out of the midst of them that twist My Word and escape My judgment. Remove yourselves from them that worship false gods and live in lust and in rebellion. My gifts and the power I bestow are for them that hear Me and follow Me, and live by My Word. And I give to whomsoever I will as I choose. All who perform sorcery, mysticism, idolatry, witchcraft and imprisonment of souls using My Word and My name in vain and evil things are not of Me, and they are not My people, neither do they serve Me. Do they not do these things to their own destruction and eternal damnation? Come away and out of their midst ere they lead you to eternal condemnation. Remove yourselves from among them, for all that do these things shall surely be judged according to their works and their iniquities," saith The Lord of Hosts.

On the 14th day of August 2011, in a vision, The Lord showed me a chaotic situation and a pending disaster of both man-made and natural causes. I saw people everywhere hurrying, buying and bringing in food, other supplies and water to store in their dwellings for both cooking and drinking. There was a lot of confusion among people and in families because of the situation of things. People were scrambling for, and buying a collection of basic household needs. Everyone was in a hurry and all were in a rush, quickly bringing supplies into their dwellings. In the middle of a bright and sunny day while people were rushing and scrambling for what they needed, a destructive disaster occurred. Everywhere suddenly became very dark and filled with black and gray smoke with mixture of white smoke in some areas, and covered the whole atmosphere. It was so dark and the smoke so thick that it was impossible to see anything or anyone outside; even the next building or anything close to you. The suffocating smoke was also very deadly that there was not a single human being walking on the streets and there were no cars driving on the streets. The smoke and darkness was so intense that one could not see anything through it. And I saw multiple disasters occurring consecutively, and frequently, and for an extended period each time. Many surviving people camped out in the shelters for an extended period of time because of recurring disasters and devastations, loss of homes and properties, and had no where else to go. Then the word of The Lord came to me saying, "These are times and things yet to come. Because of the wicked ways of man (people), and because sin and abomination abound and many turn deaf ears to My Word as it is written; they turn deaf ears to My true prophets who speak My Word as I tell them; they turn deaf ears to My ministers who continually preach My Word as it is written, calling upon the inhabitants of the earth to repentance, and a great multitude all over the world pay no heed; My judgment shall not be stayed but shall be rendered according to man's evil deeds. In the natural disasters, it shall be by My creation and the works of My hand. By man-made causes, it shall be that I will allow man to destroy himself by his own evil creations. Unless the leaders and the people of this nation and the nations of the world repent and forsake their evil and their abomination before Me, The Almighty God; unless they repent as did the people of Nineveh and their king, My hand of judgment shall not be stayed. But I know My true and faithful servants by name, and I know their dwellings to protect and to sustain them as I did in the land of Goshen," saith The Lord God Yehovah.

On the 17th day of August 2011 early morning, in a vision, The Lord showed me Senator John Kerry at his office in Massachusetts. I saw the people of his constituent who were plagued by all manner of hardship and suffering gather in front of his office. They gathered at John Kerry's office seeking help and relief from their hardship. As they all were standing in front of his office, John Kerry opened his office door a small crack just enough to stick his head out through the door. Then he made a very indifferent comment saying that everyone should leave the front of his office, go back to their homes and take care of their own problems. That he is not responsible for their hardship. Therefore, they should stop bothering him, and should disperse and leave his office area. Then, he immediately pulled his head back into his office and closed the door. And I saw the hurting crowd become very discouraged and disappointed.

Again, on the same day, the 17th of August 2011 while I prayed, The Lord showed me in another vision, where President Barack Obama was making a speech to the nation in reference to the economy and the massive number of people who are suffering in the United States. And Barack Obama said to the nation, "Do best with what you have and live with what you don't have." "Do the best with what you have, and live without what you don't have."

Then, The Lord mentioned the following names: "Duane Ralph," "Leanne Boyd." These are names and people I do not know. So, I inquired of the Lord who they are and what it is about them. And The Lord said, "These are examples of ordinary people who work and struggle to make a living every day. Though many of them do not walk in My ways and do not live by My Word; they hope and expect help from selfish leaders of the land such as these all their lives, even until death for some. They find themselves empty, and disappointed."

Furthermore, The Lord said, "These are also examples of the leaders of the land who take everything they want and leave the needy in suffering and in hardship while they consume the wealth and the richness of the land. They have no genuine regard for the hardship of the ordinary people they lead." "How good is good when it is not enough to deliver the needy from his or her difficulties? What good is a help when it suffices not? What good are sweet and long speeches when the needs of the needy are not met, and the hunger of the hungry is not satisfied; when the hungry is sent away empty? These are the counterfeit goodness of man which always has ulterior motives, and empty promises that come to nothing. These are leaders who come to take and not to give or to really help; neither do they perform the things which they have promised to the people. Yet, a great many allow themselves to be deceived by their lies and even sell their souls for these counterfeit goodness and empty promises of man that will never suffice, but come to naught," saith The Lord God.

Again, the word of The Lord came to me saying, "Because this nation do the wrong things and look up to the wrong people, they stumble. As long as America put their trust in feeble men and women, and in false occult gods, and live in rebellion against My Word; they will continue to stumble and weaken, and shall continually be overtaken by other nations. I know My own and My own know Me, and I will surely uphold My true and faithful servants with a stretched out arm, and they shall neither stumble nor fall," saith The Most High God.

On the 5th day of September 2011, the word of the Lord came to me, speaking to all who deem themselves ministers of the gospel saying, "If you think yourself to be My minister or My servant, and you mar your robe of righteousness with sin in disobedience to My Word and My Commandments, and still think yourself to be My servant; you are not. If you think yourself to be My servant and you live in sin and confuse the congregation by your words and by your actions; you are not. If you think yourself to be a preacher of My Word and you teach and preach your own doctrine of the flesh, which is the doctrine of the devil; you preach and teach the doctrine of your liking to suit your lifestyle and to soothe your conscience; you deceive My flock by what you say and by what you do; you are not. If you think yourself to be My minister or My servant and you pollute My holy place by committing fornication, adultery, and the abomination of homosexuality, idol worship and the practices of the occult; you cause others to loose their lives by murder of the innocent young and old; you do not serve Me, I do not know you, and your name is not written in the book of life," saith The Most High God.

In the early morning of the 17th day of September 2011, the Sabbath day, the voice of The Lord said to me, "Mayor Bloomberg," speaking about Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York. Immediately in my mind I thought, what have I to do with Mayor Bloomberg? So, I proceeded with getting ready for Sabbath day worship. And the voice of The Lord said to me again, "Mayor Bloomberg." I responded to The Lord by asking Him to speak that I was listening. And The Lord speaking to Mayor Bloomberg said, "It is hard for you to kick against The Rock." "It is hard for you to kick against the pricks." "My Word is settled." "The things that are, and the things that are to come are settled as it is written, and as spoken by My prophets. My hand is not weakened by man's (people's) mischievous ways, neither Am I hindered by man's own cunning and conniving devices, or man's lies and excuses. The rebellion against My word and My name, the exclusion of things that pertain to My name are according to the Word of the Scriptures and the prophets, and as it is written concerning the falling away; howbeit to the detriment and judgment of the perpetrators. Everyone shall reap what they sow, and shall be rewarded according to that which they have done. Wherever people dwell in the nations of the world, all shall be judged according to their deeds; the righteous and the unrighteous alike, and according to their works," saith The Lord God Yehovah.

In the morning of the 30th day of September 2011, the voice of The Lord said to me, "Giuliani," speaking about former Mayor Rudy Giuliani of New York. I inquired of The Lord about what He meant regarding Rudy Giuliani. And The Lord said, "Rudy Giuliani by his position as mayor of New York, he missed the opportunity to lift My name up before the inhabitants of this land and turn this nation away from her destructive path. He was led away from this task by his political and other ambitions. He followed the desires and the dictates of his own heart. He would have been a great instrument of My work in the healing and restoration of this land when the people of this nation would have listened to him and straightened their ways to turn from darkness into the light of salvation. Rudy Giuliani had an opportunity to call this nation to repentance in a sustained and continued work and diligence that would have yielded tremendous fruit for him and for this nation. He would have set a good example that would have been emulated by many leaders around the world to turn their people and nation from the path of evil and destruction."
***As I wrote this word of The Lord up to this point, The Lord showed me what Rudy Giuliani's response to this message would be. The Lord made me hear Rudy Giuliani's voice say to me, "You are mistaken lady!" "What about failure?" (Giuliani questioning about his failure; what if he did this and failed?). And The Lord God responded to Rudy Giuliani and said, "Yes indeed, I would have empowered you if you were diligent." "I would have made you as strong as steel that you cannot be touched or moved." "I would have blessed you indeed and enlarged you and your house, but your heart was set on running for the highest man-made position in the land which you lost," saith The Lord God Most High.

These are the words and the revelations of The Lord God Almighty by His prophet. All who have ears to hear, let them hear and obey the word of The Most High God, so that it may be well with you and all who believe in your house in Christ Jesus.

Dr. Deborah Flint


My Commission:
…….Then The Lord said unto me His servant, “follow after Jeremiah, you are like the Hebrew; for thou shall go to all that I shall send thee, and whatsoever I command thee thou shall speak and shall write. And it shall be a blessing and deliverance to all who will hearken and obey, and a judgment to all who will not hearken and obey. Do not be afraid of them or their faces, neither be ye discouraged nor be intimidated by the words or the reaction of some; for ‘I AM’ have sent thee, and I am with thee to deliver thee. I have anointed you a prophet for My people and for the nations. My presence shall be with thee to deliver My Word with signs, miracles, and wonders of the ancient of days … and I am thy witness.”

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